Fund for affected traders

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has announced to establish fund to compensate the affected traders of Karachi.
Malik said government would reimburse the losses in every possible way.
Addressing the traders at Karachi Chamber of Commerce, he said the government, philanthropists, business community and overseas Pakistanis will give donations for the Bolton Market Fund.
He announced that 20,000 people will be appointed in Community Police.
Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and MQM leader Dr. Farooq Sattar said attack on Karachi was Pakistan’s 9/11. He urged the nation to unite against terrorism.
Sattar further said MQM would not spare any effort for the restoration of business centers in the city.
Earlier, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said it was not Azadars who torched buildings and vehicles; instead, it was a calculated conspiracy of non-state actors to set ablaze the properties.
He said Investigation team will also have personnel of Intelligence Bureau (IB), Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Business Community.

My opinion about The Tragedy of Bolton Market Karachi

DAWN.COM | Local | CDGK fund for traders’ rehabilitation launched

Govt to set up fund for affected traders: Malik

 The Tragedy of Bolton Market Karachi

There will never be a report from any agency ever for any incident happened in Pakistan either a murder of leader or government representative etc...
And they never mentioned or either have info of non state actors and they are use to put all on them when they never come with a result or investigation and never learned from any thing because they are all part of this crime and these all crime scene.
What they can do if they can find the murderer of their own leader and even can not pursue a case in their own courts even 2years passed of their own government...
Investigation team
A cabinet
A committee
A panel

Just to get paid and they never reported any thing and they never get to the problem of this countryman where they are just making their life horrible day after day and pushing all on their knees.
This is their Land with no justice land with any rule land with people of dead
Who never protested anything just love their cozy homes and bed and cars and material that make them happy and there is no future for youth but we are surviving and only one power is saving this country that is no double Almighty Allah ..
Point to be worth mentioning: These ministers keep on saying President and PM are above laws. Simply wow ...what creepy mind and what statement they keep on saying all day and we all kept on listening them
We are dead ...

Do you know every minister has his own web portal for their great achievements ...they made for them and to show off...
Did any one have a solution for energy crises, food item problem, security, crimes, justice?
why people cant listen the voice of this common gentle man who is this way or other hit by all all country situation and thats day by day worse and worse and they keep on laughing on all statements ...this is the only country that is last battle field for Muslims and we are sleeping for years they take our east part, Kashmir, Baluchistan, NWFP, SINDH..
What we are waiting for...a question every young person should ask him self every morning
What we are doing with ourselves everyday where we are heading.
We should do have a comparison with other nation as well their past.
Do we have an idea who we are and what we are doing
Do every one have a vision what are we responsible of being Muslim and being Pakistani..
This was all everyone is going through.
We should at least speak about loop holes of us being a responsible person.
And specifically we should appreciate the good deed of a person who sacrificed.
For your kind information Mr. Minister there were many police armed personal more then 40 and people were crushing and hitting fire brigade and they did not bother to move to extinguish fire and waited more then 2 hours to let everything burnt.
Its above nerves when you keep on thinking all

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