Attitudes About the Hijab (Head-covering)

"What kind of woman would want to be Muslim since they're oppressed!" This unfortunate comment was heard by Lisa Killinger upon her conversion to Islam in 1979 and this lecture, in essence, is her response. She begins by debunking the myth of oppression by outlining the lowly status of women in pre-Islamic Arabia and how Islam liberated and dignified them by giving them rights which are still practiced today. She then discusses the Muslim woman's right to vote, to an inheritance, to a divorce, to the use of birth control, to marriage to whomever is desired, and to an education. Dr. Killinger also looks at the example of Aslamia, a companion of the Prophet (P) who is known as the first female physician in Islam. This Iowa State University presentation, great for educating non-Muslims, also looks at the concept of modesty and head-covering in other religions, the example of Khadijah, how to explain polygamy, Islamic prohibitions that benefit women, non-Muslim attitudes about hijab, and the role of Muslim women in a non-Muslim society. It concludes with the results of a post 9/11 survey that provides insight into non-Muslim perceptions of Muslim women. Other topics discussed: distinguishing cultural practice from religious teaching, the responsibility to smile, and the role of Muslim men.

Women In Islam: Through Western Eyes - Lisa Killinger 



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