A way to think

To work for future is getting more meaningful than work for present, as per know great loss of knowledge is by keeping us away from our heritage to learn and to seek knowledge as its inheritance of Muslim. Focal for our all thinking is not it should be …the fear of future the fear of present and to worry for the things they are not yet arrived as the teaching of religion is making many concepts transparent and it do not need a media presentation but still many hallmarks are identifiable to be followed for the betterment of our generation. For a nation utmost obligation what they delivering to the successor by meaning of knowledge for that a wise and enrich culture required. Indulgence for knowledge and seek for knowledge was basics for the repute of Muslims a time ago.
To identify causes of problems and comes not always with solution but with a constant effort and a positive approach. Second thought is always meaningful and useful so never ignore it.


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nyce blog and nyce post :)

Ahsan Jehangir Khan said...

Thank yew Dear Angel :)
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