Beautiful Compassion: Little One Step

Beautiful Compassion: Little One Step:

Little One Step

One of the benefits of being a working parent with a young child is that you have are constantly forced to stop and look at the basic teachings of life. Each evening I am obliged to read a little story to my young son (one of my nicest duties in life). Sometimes they are beautiful, sometimes funny stories, often with a little (or big) life message that I probably benefit more from than my son.

One of my favourite books that I happened across is 'Little One Step' by Simon James. It tells the story of a little duckling out for a walk with his bigger siblings. He has to walk through a wood to get home, and each time he stops and looks at the tall dark trees he is afraid, but his siblings teach him to just concentrate on taking a 'little one step', and then another, and then another. Before he knows it he is home, feeling very proud of himself!

When I look at my plans for MedWorm and the mountain of code I have yet to write I often feel overwhelmed, but then I just concentrate on a little one step, and then another. I guess like swimming The Channel, running a marathon, rowing The Atlantic, just concentrating on the 'little one steps', not worrying too much about what is to come, or looking for too long at where you have been, just taking 'little one step, little one step, little one step...'

Simon James also wrote 'Baby Brains', which I stumbled upon this week. Completely different, but very amusing!

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