Why China’s Ganging up against Uyghur Muslims is a threat for the world?

By: Gulnaz Uighur

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There are chances that you have not heard about Uyghurs or about our connection with China. So before writing about the threat, here is an introduction to our community. Uyghurs are ethnically Turkic people living in the areas of Central Asia. We practice a moderate form of Islam and our land is called East Turkestan. Though, in 1949 China occupied it and named it as Xinjiang( means new territory). Since then we Uyghurs have been subjected to unspeakable atrocities by the communist regime. Our land is rich in natural resources which became the reason behind its occupation. Our culture and values are entirely different from Chinese ideology. Due to this, we have been imprisoned in our own homes.

The Heights of oppression in China

Uyghurs are not allowed to Practice Islam. Thousands of mosques have been destroyed in the name of development. There have been notices to praise Xi Jinping before Allah, these posters are pasted in every corner of Xinjiang (read East Turkestan). We are not allowed to fast during the month of Ramadan. Beards are banned for Uyghur men. Children below 18 yrs are not allowed to visit pray,visit mosques or learn Islam. If a parent is caught teaching Quran to their kids, they get punished. 

Regular raids are conducted in Uyghur houses without even a warrant. Our language is not taught in schools, there are no job vacancies for us. Child labor is prevalent (I myself have been a victim). Uyghurs are not allowed to leave China, our passports are kept with the authorities. So if someone wants to go abroad, then we first need to visit the police station. Therefore our trip to abroad can easily end in torture,humiliation or imprisonment( authorities in China don't need a reason to arrest Uyghurs). There are many such things happening with us right now. While you take a sound sleep at your well equipped apartments, our homes are searched and our beloveds, taken away. Most of the time we never hear about their fate, whether they live or die. We never know! 

On top of it all, if some of us escaped or got lucky to legally leave the country. Some Uyghurs who travel for education or are living in asylum are somehow trying to get their life together. But Xi Jinping is not able to see that either, according to him domination is the key to prosperity. 

From Economy to Expansion

Under Xi Jinping’s regime, the Uyghur conflict has been set on fire. China is now Ganging up with other countries against Uyghurs. The recent example is of Turkey’s declaration of blocking Anti-China media came just after signing security deals with the country. Turkey has been a major supporter of Uyghurs and this is a major setback. Although, its not the first time that Xi Jinping has used economic ties to restrict the freedom of our community. Recently, Egypt also detained dozens of Uyghur students and arrested hundreds of Uyghurs on the behest of China. This happened despite all of them living legally in Egypt.(Here is a petition for you to support). 

But how the suppression of Uyghurs is a threat for the world? 

If one closely studies the reason and pattern of persecution by China, then one can easily distinguish its motive of using economic tools as a compliment to its expansion policies. By looking at the examples of Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Pakistan and even Italy( recently Dolkun Isawas not allowed to speak at a conference in Italian senate and was detained instead) etc. We find that just after signing some deals , China was able to dictate their policies about Uyghurs. Earlier these countries didn’t have a problem with us but suddenly they find it difficult to protect Human Rights. There are Uyghurs who were living from past 10 years but today they are forced to flea and live in fear. 

The world knows that Human rights have no place in China itself. And if China continues to strengthen its ties with other countries through projects economic projects. Then soon the human rights situation will become horrible even for the native citizens of those countries. China has always been aggressive about its recession policies and will do anything to expand. The wounds of cultural genocide are still fresh in everyone’s mind. The results of steel revolution by Mao have been horrible too. 

Therefore, the world must learn from the Uyghurs despotism and stop China from throttling the Human rights of Uyghurs. Or it won’t take long for Xi Jinping to choke the necks of those who support him now. 


Jeff Carnett said...

China is expanding in and out of its borders. The world is greedy and they take $ to look away. We must confront China every step of the way. We must bring attention to the plight of the Uyghur people, Tibetans, Mongolians and now even the people of Hong Kong who face oppression from China.Thank you Gulnaz Uighur for this article.

Unknown said...

The world must consider Uyghur people case. Gulnaz madam you expect help from a country like USA which is itself the biggest butcher of Muslims.

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