Who Are We To Judge Others?

Who Are We To Judge Others?

Ahhh chakh disgusting...500+ comments and almost all are abusive and cheap. On Face book usually pages upload or share videos of public personalities film actors or politicians about their personal life and actions, indeed things of no importance at all, and fans start passing nonstop comments. 
In fact writing on this topic (that Judging People is wrong) and thus I am doing so (Judging Other), when I am writing about this we shouldn't judge others, and myself feeling hypocrite, because I am also practicing the same thing that I am condemning in others.
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Why we feel itch to comment on the all things, why we are all guilty of occasionally jumping to conclusions about people??? Now-a-days judging others, criticizing and backbiting have become habit of us and unfortunately, we all do it and about all things, big and small, we judge others. Their actions, choices, behaviors, relationships, likes and dislikes and even their personalities, all time ready for judgment. This is mainly due to the influence of self loving, we consider our self 'A Right Man' who never do anything wrong so has right to judge others so the act of judgment is an act of pride. Or we judge and make fun of others to cover up our insecurities. Thus by doing this we as human beings feel better about ourselves. Not only we judge people but also be critical of things around us, the condition of the weather, political matters, the taste of your food, a television program - at every moment of the day.
Judging people for the wrong reasons, like how they look, or what their interests are, then we are simply being closed minded. We suppose them a person as inferior, or wrong, or stupid.

Obviously, this is difficult to control our self to involve in this bad habit but with some practice, attention and a desire to eliminate it we will stop doing this. In step we should refrain passing hurtful comments, because verbal attacks hurt others directly.
The old saying, "If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything!" is a perfect thing to apply here.

Secondly we should have default assumption about other people in every matter is that they are free of blame. Otherwise having negative assumptions will create negative thoughts inside you. What’s needed is to learn to see the good side. Islam demands fairness and impartiality when it comes to judging others. In Islam it is forbidden to base a judgment against someone on hearsay, conjecture or suspicion.

It's better we should change our response, by making it helpful, instead of a problem for someone or yourself. For any judgment situation
we should heed how will we make our comments helpful and useful. Look for ways to change the situation for the better. After all offering a helping hand is much better than
criticizing and discouraging. so make an effort and look for actions instead of wrongly assuming its a personality and look for ways to offer help instead of criticism.

And a most important point to remember is that "we don't have the right to say someone is right or wrong. Only God, who knows each individual's heart, can make final judgments of individuals."

No one really likes to be judged and so eliminating this from your own actions will improve your life and relationships!


Asma Khan said...

Nice work, Keep it up... :)

Ahsan Jehangir Khan said...

Thank you for permitting me :)
I like it so i added it here , Hopefully you dnt mind it ...

Asma Khan said...

My pleasure...
No I didn't mind it... :)
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