Thoughts on Kashmir

There is a revealing social and political anomaly hitting across India and Pakistan. In India, uneducated people are demonstrating a praiseworthy maturity of oneness emanating from the few rural communities, and, if not all, most educated Indians are well-established fascists. The problem in India are not the rural illiterate but urban educated. All these so-called educated people are fostering a paranoia of anti Muslim construct of history. At least, that is what I could gather from Indian Americans. The testimony is that most of the RSS funds go from foreign lands. However, the recent orders of Haryana high court has spared no punches against BJP government by saying “exercising ethnic cleansing” of a particular community. BJP is attempting to replace a swastika sign with Bulldozer. Almost a year ago the same story was carried out by New York Times when RSS volunteers put on a show of strength in New Jersey by running a Bulldozer 

On the other hand, the educated youth of Pakistan, predominantly in urban areas, is alive and responsive against the Militaries and political leaders' corruption. It should trigger a hope that a genuinely democratic society may evolve. But on a cautious note, as long as they will not unseat the army from political and financial power, there will not be any progress in that country. The Pakistan Army claims its slogan on three fundamentals (a) Iman, (b) Etihad, and I guess it is (c) Jihad. On all three accounts, they draw a blank.

Iman: you can't have Iman while siphoning 12 billion rupees by (Gen. Bajwa) of the country or taking a bribe of 200 million from India on 370 abrogation.

Etihad: Unity is impossible without national interest, and individual interests cannot foster unity. It only encourages competition of corruption and Pakistan is undergoing that curse as a whole 

Jihad: the corrupt army can't fight. The level of corruption has so profoundly seeped into the military that Ajit Doval reportedly has reached out to a few Arab countries to strike a deal with the Pakistan army to allow them to stage incursions into AJK and hold it for a while till Indian elections are over. And they Pakistan army and BJP had reached such a deal in Pulwama and Balakot air strikes. I have never come across such a bizarre instance in history. I mean, African pirates are not taken for that dirt cheap. May God save Kashmir

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