Change in Management and Believes

Change in Management and Believes.

Three brain barriers

1) Failure to see:
Motorola a leading in AMPS at his times launched NAMPS. Failed to see digital/GSM evolution(2G) in near future.Motorola failed to see the future and selection of technology to invest.

2) Failure to move:
you selected a path and someone guide you a right path but you are unable to select the right path.

3) Failure to finish:
Once you reached a distinct state near to success but unable to finish as you do not know how long you need to go and which direction.

Role and rule of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH  in Arab society is the best example of the Change in Management.

Two directions you perceive in day to day life:

1)you see, what you believe  
2)you believe, what you see

Your believe is power for all decisions you made hence forth your life. So strengthen your believes no matter what comes in your way.

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