Thought of the Friday

You are not firm in faith
You are surely not firm in faith


Love for son
Love for mother
Love of country
Love for any relationship
Love for Things
Love for events
Love for matters
Love for issues
Love for your most beloved person or thing or matter

is lower than THE LOVE OF GOD

And you could never be firm in faith unless GOD come Prior to any other existence and matter.

And Surely its prove could be seen around you
And above all the difference between our saying and doing (actions, speaking, acting, thinking, behaving) is needed to overcome and needed to be no difference. And Surely you are alive and surely you could make the difference by your coming breath and life. if you have not did what you means or want THE GOOD just begin it now and do it now. All we say everyday that its never to late to do good, and all we are sure that there is not assure next moment in this transitory life and very short tiny life. Still we have hopes and expectation that have no ending and end less.

Come on
Look into the life and look around the life and look the days and nights
Look to the flowers
Look to the clouds
Look to stars
Look to the larva
Look to the life when there was no life and after a life again comes no life

And Remember happening and occurrence is not going to stop even you stop looking or observing around.

This Time and your age is not going to stop if you stop or if you do not exist in this life and transform or gone to another eternal one.

God Created every bit of occurrence and happening and God is The Only Who Knows Well and Everything.

Wake Up
Wake Up

Its not the first call you heard this time to Wake Up but who could say its last or not.

The moment and ticking of seconds and breaths will keep on going with alerts and messages round the arm of clock and your breath but its us who kept on ignoring and postponing and suppressing all alarms like we use to do while awaking in morning :)

And Remember and may be and surely you are well aware its was you that come alone and it was you that will surely and absolutely go alone. What you say and do you have to pay today or tomorrow or the very next coming moment. and as well you have to pay hereafter.

Who and I never seen a single who is living from ever-since or eternal But GOD ONLY is ALIVE from the time when there was nothing and Will Remain when there will be nothing.

We get arrogant and live with elegance and perfection and even we know we could never. Even we are very sure we are so weak and so weak.

Had you or have you seen a person called your sibling or not sibling dying very next to you and every you have every bit of wonder of heal and equipment and you could not help out and the one going though could not help him/her out.

Remember we are so tiny and so so weak and helpless if one could help us or assist us or heal us or cure us or raise us or send us to this world or take us back from this world or WILL surely See us or Will surely Meet us.
The One

The Creator of all matter existence and non existence: All what we see, learn, hear, smell, or we do not or we could not or we could never or we could ever is all is From God.

May be its your first reminder
Or May be its mine or your Last one :)

Look up to HIM and bow down to HIM
You have only two positions to make yourself heal and cured. and to right and to left and to forward and behind you only could move with the Will of God. and When you give your will with your will to GOD Will, God Will absolutely and surely is BEST in Taking Care and Healing and Curing but with that Firm believe you need a strive and a work with passion that there is always a way from HIM you have to see or you want to see and surely you will be blessed sooner or later.

Hope and Wish and Pray

Allah Almighty Bless you all and keep you close to HIM.

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