Dangerous Preach of China’s 50 Cent Party Member Writer

The article which seemingly is written by China’s paid writer Giancarlo Elia Valori, and is titled as “The New Geo-Politics of Uyghur Movement” shamelessly blames the human rights and Uyghur movement, his suggestion to treat the Uyghurs living in East Turkistan ( Xinjiang province called by China) with the Horatii and Curiatii styled policy to ensure the safety of the One Belt One Road Project, is not only inhumane, but illogical and pointless too.

Mr. Valori is of the belief that safeguarding China’s economic power and China’s One Belt One Road project by encouraging ethnocide and genocide of the minorities, especially Muslim Uyghurs living in East Turkistan. He also indicated in his article that is the best way of reduce oil prices and end chaos in Middle East is to redirect China to Central Asian oil through its OBOR.

 First of all, The political tension of the Middle East is a result of colonialism, historical hatred, and conflicts between the different sects, and many other issues. gas and oil competition is not the main source of Middle East crisis.

Second, The Uyghur Movement is against the Chinese atrocities and against China itself. This movement has been in existence ever since Chinese invasion of East Turkistan and One Belt One Road project is very recent.
And to link a movement designed to salvage Uyghur people as Jihadist attempt to sabotage the OBOR project is a fascistic attempt to undermine human rights and cover the violence and genocide taking place by the Chinese government.
I was not surprised to see Mr. Valori completely disregard the democratic and liberal views of modern civilization and his suggestion of the Horatii and Curiatii , the ancient and barbaric way to deal with things, as in his haste to cover up Chinese dirt he resorted to whatever he could gather stooping down to such low and inhuman suggestions. People who had knowledge or studied about situation of China do not surprise Mr. Valori’s fascistic suggestions since this was in keeping the usual practice of China against the Uyghurs. But more to the point, he remind me that how in this world, people’s democratic values and moral responsibility of human rights were taken over ancient barbaric ideologies after US withdrawal from many global responsibilities. Already many of China’s puppet states sold Uyghurs to China for money. Just in this weak, Egyptian government arrested more than 70 Uyghur students with valid student visa to send them to China’s death camp. Still arrest is continuing at this very moment, but world is silent whereas death camp of Uyghur holocaust is become big currency business today.

In his article, Valori has clearly blamed human rights for the mass migration from Africa to Europe and several other minority resistances around the world including Uyghurs in East Turkistan China.

Reading what he wrote, I was forced to strongly doubt upon Valori’s understanding of human rights.  According to him, the oppression faced by those in Africa and other minorities around the world has nothing to do with the mass migrations, and the people should silently watch the slaughter of their families, without raising their voices or even attempting to save them or their loved ones.

Human rights activists around the world were collectively blamed and insulted by Mr. Valori, as he insisted that it was these activists are wrong in igniting resistance in the people suffering in Africa, and the oppressors are right in their mass genocide, killing off women, old and mere children, letting them face the wrath of weapons of mass destruction. 

The display of complete ignorance over the historical, political, and fundamental causes of the conflict, and resistance was not only shameful, but inhumane and ethically wrong. Anyone with a bit of morality, and humanity would never record such statements.

Mr. Valori was so bent on proving his point, that he failed to check his facts and restored to manipulate the news in his favor. The Reina attacks of Istanbul were quoted to prove that Uyghur region was the root cause of Jihadism and terrorist movements, and hence China’s oppression in the region is justified. But in his eagerness to manipulate the story to his favor, he forgot that though the Turkish Prime Minister, Veysi Kaynak, in his statement did say that the attack was carried about by a terrorist from Uyghur origin, the arrest told a different story and the Turkish Prime Minister formally apologized for the accusation and sent an official apology to the Uyghur community in Istanbul.

Mr. Valori’s attempt to point fingers at the Uyghur community and justify the Chinese violence is nothing but false statements, manipulated facts, and a failed attempt to mislead his readers.
In his attempt to jeopardize the Uyghur movement’s cause, Mr. Valor has twisted the facts, which makes me wonder if he has been offered something more than 50 cent by the Chinese government to cover up the inhumane violence taking place within China. But if, for instance we believe the made up fact that the terrorist was of Uyghur origin, it is pointlessly stupid to believe that everyone in Uyghur is a Jihadist or a terrorist, or to believe that Chinese are right in their oppression of Muslims all over in East Turkistan.
It is essential that we acknowledge the fact that the Uyghurs movement was way before OBOR, and has nothing to do with creating obstacles for the development of the project. It is understood that the OBOR project would bring prosperity and opportunities to the Uyghur region too, who knows?  However, Mr.Valori, completely disregard the suffering of Uyhgurs and described Uyghur movement as a result of ISIS contagiousness and some power manipulations. He stated that Gene Sharp’s technique “ non violent action” would not be work for the region if anyone try to block OBOR. It is curious then, how Gene Sharp’s technique would work for the region with non stop oppression against the Uyghurs?
Uyghurs were not born under Chinese oppression as slaves, they have had empires and national states through the history in East Turkistan and they would care for their basic rights no matter what twisted human rights values, like portrayed by Mr. Valori, exist in this world.
Non-violence strategy could hardly work under the prevailing situation, especially when China is constantly denying basic human rights, and paying writers to propagandize the authoritarian fascist ideology of undermining human rights. Hopeless and frustrated Uyghur’s may not allow slowly burning themselves under the state torture of China with their self-proclaimed non-violent actions 

His points about the strategic importance of East Turkistan for China’s OBOR project and the enriched land of East Turkistan are absolutely correct. And hence it is all the more necessary to treat this region with care and sort matters with dialogues, as further oppression may lead to more resistance. It is time Mr. Valori opened his history books and learnt something from them. Suppression and violence only results in more resistance and chaos.

Valori’s article has encouraged the whole world to support China’s fascistic and inhumane behaviour that stands worse than the big brother’s policy in George Orwell’s 1984. In fact Valori’s justification for China’s oppression on Uyghur, just echoes of the barbaric history of China, and it is not something new. Linking Uyghur resistance with terrorism was China’s excuse to take greater control of East Turkistan since many years. And China’s attempt to have  50 cent party writer like Valori cover the ugly and hideous crimes by bringing up the OBOR project as excuse, is nothing short of a desperate measure to save face. 

If China wants to succeed in its OBOR project, it should give up its aggressive colonial expansion and brutal genocide and should work up a better economic development plan which serves the region and its people rather than creating a situation of chaos and uncertainty, and should treat Uyghurs fairly, respecting their basic human rights to lead by good example to China’s OBOR allies to and to make them feel secure, instead of practicing ethnocide and genocide on Uyghurs.

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