How is China fooling everyone?

How is China fooling everyone?

 By Rukiye Turdush

"We are not confiscating Qur'an. That is an entirely distorted story of Radio Free Asia."
The Chinese officials denied that their government was attacking Islam in East Turkistan. They claimed that the story of Chinese authorities confiscating the Quran and prayer mats was fabricated. However, a viral audio announcement via China's enormous social media apps – WeChat – had demanded Uyghur Muslims to submit their holy books and prayer rugs.
In an interview with RFA, a Chinese Communist Party member had said that they were seizing prayer mats with pictures of Ka'aba and Qur'an that Uyghur Muslims were not allowed from engaging in entertainment activities – referring to alcohol and smoking – if they had photos of Ka'aba and Qur'an at home. 

A Chinese government official stated in Xinjiang Daily that people should not believe the lies that western media was spreading against them. He further said that Uyghur Muslims were the "happiest people in the world" and stability they had restored in Xinjiang.
In fact, Uyghurs are classified as Islamic extremists in these days if they differentiate between halal and haram, or they absent in Chinese flag-raising ceremony in case, or they couldn't memorize Chinese red songs. Every Uyghur person can confirm that at least one member of each Uyghur family is in jail because of wearing a headscarf, having holy verses in phones, preserving Uyghur mother tongue and teaching children about God.
It is also well known that China is forcing Uyghur students from all over the world to return home.
 "Police already have questioned my wife many times; they told her that if I don't return in this summer, she will be arrest along with my baby. I know I can't come back again to continue my school if I return, and they will take me directly to detention center upon my arrival. But I have to go back, I can't put my wife and my baby at risk" said Uyghur student in the United States, who requested anonymity."

China's motive of oppression on Uyghurs is to arrive their desired satisfaction of famous Chinese proverb dictates, "fen lin er tian, jie zee er yu" (Burn a forest to farm and drain a pond to fish.)

East Turkistan (also called Xinjiang in Chinese) is rich with oil and natural resources, and it is the significant gate of China's OBOR plan, which aims to dominate the world. Beijing attacked culture, religion, and language of people of East Turkistan and devised security measures by turning them into Nazi camps to burn the Uyghurs like a forest or kill them like a fish by draining their history and culture.

Although available evidence contradicts what China claims, Chinese government firmly believe that as long as they are not admitted and not going to see their ugly behavior, no one can see it. In fact, this is precisely like what another Chinese proverb said that "stealing a bell with ears plugged." it Sounds like China is fooling itself, but it is apparent that stealing the bell with ears plugged in here is aim to deceive the whole world.

Governments in the free world hesitate in mentioning China's human rights' (HR) violation and humiliate China in bilateral meetings to obtain trade benefits. Governments remained silent because of their economic interests when Uyghur professor Ilham Toxti sentenced to life imprisonment in 2014. Middle Eastern allies have turned a blind eye to Uyghur Muslims. Canadian ambassador to China, John McCallum silently accepted China's HR violation as a driver of Canada's economic growth. In a recent meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, Trump failed to mention China's HR violations.  If China did not deny its oppressive behavior, are these governments would be still silent? Probably not, because, being silent within the excuse of being fooled by others creates less guilt than being silent without any explanation. 

The Chinese Communist party has brainwashed leaders, journalists, government employees and ordinary Chinese citizens into believing that they conceal the truth for political benefits. As a result, none of the regular Han Chinese people in East Turkistan tend to analyze the fact about Uyghurs endless suffering cognitively, and they can't dare to reject the communist party's brainwashing lies.

Only some Chinese people with egalitarian, democratic values in free countries have spoken against this oppression.
For example, one of the Han Chinese writers resided in the United States questioned in his recent article in Boxun news that why only the Uyghur children were criticized for being thieves in China; what kind of parents would risk having their children stabbed to death on the streets each time they caught. Uyghurs have -no way out because the Communist party has put them in a desperate situation. The writer sympathized with the Uyghurs and criticized the Communist party from a humanitarian point-of-view, and this is the only one article written by the Chinese person who tried to understand the misery of Uyghurs I had ever seen in my life.

However, China's denial of oppression in East Turkistan should come as no surprise, as long as the silence of world chooses to be China's fool and ignoring the crying of bell ring even their ears are unplugged.

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