Lies and Deceit of India.

Lies and Deceit of India.

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) passed a resolution in 1993 in Geneva proclaiming Kashmir's accession to India as bogus, null and void. India has never produced the original copy of the Instrument Of Accession on any international forum, claiming in 1995 that the original document was lost or stolen. Thus it shows the Maharaja may have never signed an Instrument Of Accession with India, which remains a propaganda scam and a myth. Indian forces had already landed in Kashmir and Maharaja was arrested and taken to Delhi.

Moreover, India is changing demography of Kashmir. Ala Jewish establishment in Palestine, India is establishing Hindu colonies in the name of Kashmiri Pundits so that if and when India holds plebiscite under International pressure, the vote would be in its favor.

Author :- Suddhan Sadaf Shareef
Twitter :- @SuddhanSadaf30

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