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This free course, in five lessons, covers the basics of reading and writing the Arabic script. Lesson 1 focuses on correctly pronouncing the letters of the Arabic alphabet.

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Learn Arabic online in a fun and interactive way. Study the alphabet its grammar how to form short Arabic phrases and basic Arabic language vocabulary.


LETTER INTRODUCTIONThe method of teaching widely used in schools nowadays is the Phonetic
Method i.e teaching the sound of the letter and not the name of the letter.
Makhraj (Makharij) is the place in the mouth from where the sound of the
letter must come to give the correct pronunciation – in most cases, where the
tongue should be placed.
There are 3 short vowels in the Arabic alphabet called ‘Haraka’. They are
‘Fatha’, ‘Kasra’ and ‘Dhamma’.
The first few exercises show the letters with fatha. Fatha should not be
pronounced as the ‘aa’ sound in Africa or Far. It is a short vowel whose sound
is ‘U’ as it sounds in Umbrella and Under or ‘A’ as in Anwer and Asgher.
Introduce one letter at a time. Point to the letter and say the sound making
sure the child pronounces it correctly after you. Show the student the position
of the tongue.
Always say the sounds clearly pointing out the similar sounding letters and
making sure that the student can recognize the difference when they are heard
or pronounced.
For students who do not speak Arabic, it is always better to use examples of
words that they are familiar with in their own language.

Letter Introduction
Letter Recognition
Joining Letters
Haraka – Fatha, Kasra, Dhamma
Long Vowels
Hamza and Hiccup
Silent Letters
Huruf ‘ul Muqatta’at
Nun Qutni and Qalb


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