This is whats happening in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, Kashmir, Syria etc and the world is just looking away.
Do you know what is the cheapest thing in this world today? Yes it
So this massacre done everywhere in world in all times. You need to have a look on free media which honestly do not exist. Bosnia/Kashmir/Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan etc there is a huge list of countries and 100% target was and is Muslims. Either Europe/USA or Whatever country. People cant see because they do not let them see what evil they are doing on earth on different venues and different peoples. and Claiming the are safeguards and so called Noble countries and people. Still the victim is claimed as Berber/terrorist/fundamentalist. Who cares. But there comes a time when the public and people who participated have to pay for these collective sins and they they will speak and scream to the world like today they did nothing but they are part of this. because may be one is not doing that but one may be a silent observer.
So all we can do is to follow the straight path and have a clear and simple vision and Faith. Allah Almighty is Planner of all and above all Plans human do.

If we kept silent and don't protest on our public on day this blood will belong to someone else or my land or anyone else land .. Thing is: the only thing matter is we should take action  or at least speak out or least of least consider its a bad going ...

But keep in mind we have to look around and other than sharing the atrocities and massacre done to any human being, we need to keep in loop and keep sharing the good work done by any Muslim or any human being for humanity or betterment of humanity. Once we are individually on right track then collectively we will just need to hold hands and keep in one direction that lead us to correct path and to the heavens. Because now-a-days there is a thought and misconception that it does not matters what i do because its something personal but actually it always matters and reflects being a nation. so start from us and home.

They are fighting to capture resources either OIL or any thing. They cant see human killing and atrocities done for the name of resources or for the name of peace any where on earth. They may wage war on any territory without any trouble and name it anything they want. Nuclear/World Powers are playing as a stronger play with weaker. But above all Allah is Best Planner of all and human cant run away once their fate is decided. And obviously one has to pay the wages of killing on earth of any human being belong to any religion and living on any standard of life.

Every one stands on others back and fulfilling/achieving his own aim/goals strategic/military/economic like China/States/Russia were and still behind Pakistan. and still working against many Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Still its seems a war of resources but above 95% target is Muslims and still they call us Berbers/terrorist/fundamentalist.

Muslims can be so much stronger than this if they opened their eyes to the truth, when they start paying more attention to education, when they realize just how strong we are united. It all starts from home. We should still keep the passion for helping alive by doing all we can. The rest is up to Allah who is observing and testing everyone. 
The only thing we can see in history and past, We do not remember what bad happened to us yesterday/Past, We forgot all happened to us other day. You can see many nationalist they remember and keep it in memory what happened in past and that will never happens in the future or can damage their next generation. so the sacrifice in past just not gone in vain. Like Pakistan and pure/clean land was made for Muslims but what happened or what we did, I think nothing seriously/honestly. Being A person we can see what we do all day or next 5 minutes and how quickly we forgot all and do what are doing like blind/deaf/dumb.
We feel pain that's why we are all here and shouting/speaking for Peace and Justice for People who brutally  murder for no reason. You know this is the difference between a living and dead person. Living can speak and shout whereas the dead one cant. So live like living people and fight back for those who are dead so one day we should not get dead this way by a suppressor.

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