Where is humanity of humans

We have hospitals very equipped and medicines so advance but humans are so less in humanity. Everyone doing a job but without a purpose like completing the working hours in offices. A nurse or attendant or doctor everyone need to be same. Equality as a doc role is important equal is the role of each member in a hospital. Similarly every other profession. I felt a pain of patients and people admitted but felt so sad for those who are to assist people looked so tense to help humanity and people were so empty of compassion and mercy for patients in pain and diseases. We developed and get so state of art in medicine and equipment and device but how and when we being human will be full of humanity and humbleness and compassion. Sorry to say but our media could and suppose to make the difference similarly our family systems, culture and civilizations should and must have develop the role of every being to assist each other irrespective of departments and professions. one do not always need pile of tools/assets/money but two or at least a sympathetic word of sympathy worth millions to make other strong and strengthen the passion and values and develop the culture to be more human rather machines for a shift or few like university credit hours or job hours a week or dailies. I really admire those who are keen to help and I really admire to Heads and attendants to be more human and full of emotions and at same time very professional with honesty and determination to help out humanity and people around. We and everyone could make a difference and a strong point you do not need to look around to people who do nothing beside making others life difficult. No government or program could make you a human but your own self and your own family. Every single person is asset to build a society of humans. Professions are a noble cause when one do with a purpose and without a purpose a being in not a human being but a machine. May or may not you disagree but i like the disagreement too :)
This world we are living in a place of aftermaths and after effects of our deeds. One day when we could help a person in need and we stop us from helping other is a day we stop our human to keep breathing and the moment after you will feel bad. And surely there will come a moment in your very own life you will feel shame of that act in past. As the matter of fact this is never so late. You decide now and your very next moment you will be a human and will start breathing and you will surely live every moment coming ahead. All humans may our color and regions or language or even faiths may different but being human we are all the same and we live in the same world and same nature and same happening and occurrence happens in our lives. To regret later in life either in 30s or 70s age of year better wake up today when you are young and ambitious to live a life full of emotions and desires and objectives.
You will surely will be dazzling when you will be really a human as per merit of humanity and surely sooner or later you will be one ray of light to be followed and get inspired by other beings but for the time you are living you have to make the difference with your very own words and your very own actions. You may assist a person with a wheel chair or stretcher or even guide someone. These so tiny deeds worth gigantic to the Creator called God. And for God your tiny and gigantic deeds both are same. All God sees how purified your deed and actions are and how good intentions you have to help others. And surely with faith God will make your life worth living with patience and content of heart.
Bottom line: Make objectives and purposes in your professions and this is your part of change. And all drops will surely make the who ocean sparkling like a dwelling place of humanity.
Please be you and be a human with humanity with any profession you have to follow during the walk of your very own life. I request to all readers please be human at least and you professions and jobs come very later.
You need to understand that you need to give self respect to you at very first step. The day you will give self respect to you, surely you will respect others. And surely you will have positive waves to make other heart clear with your intentions and yes if someone acted opposite not mater how late but that person will surely praise for your very good of manner and respect and later will get back to you the joy and blessings to you for you good deed and your past actions.
God bless you all with each passing moment with understanding blessings to strive your walk towards everyone destiny with patience and peace and content to the Only Creator God.

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