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and now, from CANADA!

Thank you so much!
We waiting from others country. Let's do it guys.

"Our Silent Kills Rohingya, Our Action Save Rohingya"
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We waiting from others country. Let's do it guys.

"Our Silent Kills Rohingya, Our Action Save Rohingya"Timeline Photos
Just how many Rohingya people are being forced out to sea? The list of reports below should give you an idea of the scale of this humanitarian disaster.

Why our hearts are so feeling less for people in pain or helpless even we do not bother to acknowledge their pain. In time of need we close our eyes and when they are healthy like us we use to talk and adore them. Its tragic to not to consider them at least worth shareable in time of need. Few from us are capable of help people in ways. Few can share and few can assist as all are same but not equal in capabilities. Anyways just an opinion for people in and   Please at least share it may be one or few from us capable enough to raise voice and help them in such a crucial time of their lives under genocide and disaster on way of living and breathing. They do not have strong voice you have in your places and your voice and your support by a single penny worth everything to them because they have left with nothing to lose. Please Think about them and think if you are on their places and under these terrible circumstances. We are not the decision makers but we are the writer of our fate. And Lord/God do not see how much you assist but God see only your heart and intention and will for people in need. A single tear or even a sign of pain is make you and me and us a humanbeing really if we are human and belong to humankind and left with a last drop of humanity we will surely do the needful even by a click. To God our clicks or treasures of help worth equal all he need is our heat and will to help. God knows all but not anyone else. Rather justification or judging or any other feeling just think when your body part is pain what exactly you do rather doing analysis why and what happen rather finding remedy to heal the pain. So they are in pain so its now up to you. You do on feet to them or raise voice or share or click for us may be its huge or tiny but to GOD its everything HE need for us. And to those people in need your one tear is more than enough rather piles of helping aid. Just be you and you is human being with humanity.
These are peoples in boats pushed from their place and right now in sea no why to go and no way to get back to their homes . Living in cold and without any support so feel them and if possible your single word worth millions and if you are breathing and warm show to them you are alive all are not dead. Few human on the face of earth are still breathing with humanity and compassion.

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Its your BIT of change to people really really in need. Every bit is very important to them. Stay bless and at least share and pray for them.

Rohingya Boatpeople

International Day of Protest for the Rohingya

Homeless and helpless: The Rohingya Muslims of Rakhine state

We All Support Humanitarian Flotilla To #Arakan
October 27, 2012
(004) Joint Press release
Urgent collective international action needed to protect the #Rohingya
We express our serious concern that the most brutal violence is now reoccurring in Arakan; and we strongly condemn the ongoing mass killing, burning and destruction of Muslim villages and rape of their women.
... Scores of terrorized villagers fleeing in boats have reportedly been drowned; and many dead bodies are now floating in the sea and rivers. The resultant effects of the mass atrocities, in terms of human and material loss, are too great. In particular, the port city of Kyaukpyu has now been ethnically cleansed of the people of Islamic faith.
Since June, the violence in Arakan has claimed about 5000 #Muslim lives, left over 100,000 of them homeless, with thousands more detained, unknown numbers wounded and tortured. “The Burmese government is NOT only failing to protect its Muslim Rohingya population” but has also been the primary force behind the systematic persecution of them. Evidently the government’s apparatus with police, army and security forces are directly involved in the killing of them and torching of their villages.
President Thein Sein told the #UNHCR in July that #Burma / #Myanmar will not take responsibility for the #Rohingya because they are not citizens and “not our ethnicity.”
As Burma is manifestly failing to protect its Rohingya population, the “responsibility to protect” them or the duty to prevent and halt genocide and mass atrocities, now lies with the international community.
We, therefore, urge upon the international community #UN, #OIC, #EU, #ASEAN, #UK, #US and her #western allies and Burma’s neighbours to take effective collective action in time to protect the Muslim Rohingya people in Arakan, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. Or otherwise this unprotected minority community will be wiped out.
Signatories to this joint statement:
Arakan Rohingya National Organisation (#ARNO)
Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (#BROUK)
Burmese Rohingya Association Japan (#BRAJ)
Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (#BRCA)
Burmese Rohingya Association Deutschland (#BRAD)
Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (#BRAT)
Burmese Rohingya Community in Denmark ( #BRCD)
Burmese Rohingya Community in Netherlands (#BRCNL)
Rohingya League for Democracy Burma (#RLDB)
Rohingya Community in Norway (#RCN)
Rohingya Society Malaysia (#RSM)
For more information, please contact:
Aman Ullah : + 880 15584 8691
Tun Khin: + 44 (0) 788 871 4866
Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia!/events/318407171602515/

@GeorgieBC List of people to follow for news of #Rohingya genocide. #BoycottBurma cc @Versability @JamilaHanan @toni_m16
Read this. Never again? This is on your watch: The Burmese Gestapo … #Rohingya #BoycottBurma #Myanmar #Burma

#Jan20: International Protest against #Rohingya genocide in front of #Myanmar embassies worldwide: …

This is how many #Rohingya boatpeople are going to end up. Find out more here: …

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