Future of the doctrine by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

Future of the doctrine

We need to educate the people and masses because all we need is awareness and education at first step either people living in States or Somalia or Iraq. Before walking to anyway we must need what is going on systematically once we have understanding we can realize and workout for common good. as this is mass oppression going on from decades.

Dear People of World:

This is about human very basic right that is not breath or food or very basic that is to live without oppression. This is common good and this undeniable and this is the right time to understand before its too late. as none gonna ask you for your good but this is our own decision to take and march towards it or to walk towards it before its too late. Really its already too late when masses had faced the evil or bloodshed of times.
This is my plea before its too late and waged on your home by the same oppressor kindly open your eyes and be very honest. Its not about east or west or white or black its a systematic way of evil going on under cover of media and stake holders like Corporation. Which apparently looks so awesome but they are real black-sheep. Wake up and may be its not the first wake up call or not the last one but we have to self realize or atleast educate people with truth as a last resort. Its not about a faith or color or region. Kindly its my humble request atleast live with a purpose and strive for humanity and humankind. The systematic way is too strong but when you will get aware and understood the root cause and with faith nothing is so difficult all you need to be very honest and walk towards the straight and steep path towards GOD. With faith and understand you will eventually can see a lot better than anyone other. All you need to see all incident in bit connected and with historic view. Nothing in this world of happening without a reason. Truth has to rule and appear on all horizons even one put all media to suppress and contaminate it with so called conspiracy. As there is nothing conspiracy at all. And wrong doers are living as this is their world and they have the only right to live and for their own objective object the sovereignty of any native either near or far but a person is native to this world where ever he dwells.

And Honestly there should not be any reason to spread the truth even that truth is against yourself. Because in short or long run we have to pay the price of our self made decision either is a share button even. When we keep silent on even in our home door or street on media we are strengthening the evil and support them for none of our goodness or betterment. Please speak and rather impartial towards the facts. Because all I know or you can understand with passage of time. Nothing gonna remain on this earth. Not the color not any region or the time but all what gonna remain our actions and deeds how we are writing our fate. When we stop responding or standing or raising to voice we live like nothing or without any existence even due to any personal or geographical or political or religions or any view but honestly we strengthen the bad. And our that bad one day collide with us in walk of life.

Either to one of our sibling or companion or colleague or person living miles away with other color or language.

The very common among humankind is humanity and humanity is mother of all emotions and languages. So Please rather wasting a very precious time for nothing live for something that is not money or position but Morality and Humanity and values. This world need nothing called peace or technology all we need is humanity being the HUMANKIND. Nothing gonna remain nor our skins or bones or castes or palaces or huts or business or our greed or arrogance or elegance we strive to live with or dream to live with. But all will remain is the Creator and the humanity on the planet. Day after Day its getting worst and the only reason is our walk away from the facts and our own understanding towards the purpose of life.

Please do not say: Its nothing to do with me or I am not a politician or social worker or a humanitarian or religious or etc but we are HUMAN and we Are rightful only defender of HUMANITY on this World of Humans. Please atleast share the truth if your common sense and conscious is voting yes for it. and all you need to give time to very special person that is YOURSELF not anyone else or your beloved BUT Its About YOU. You are the only Change and the CHANGES comes with A objective and purpose and the history and world of existence nothing could be possible than a good or great purpose than HUMANITY.

Please brave enough and be very you to speak for your own sake not for people but for your own-self.

Stay Blessed
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Dr. Dahlia Wasfi lectures on counterinsurgency at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study during a day-long symposium on the past, present, and future of the doctrine that has officially guided the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2007. The symposium paid special attention to the role of anthropologists in counterinsurgency operations.
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Thanks to Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

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Modern Warfare:

 Its not about Taliban/Sects/Religion/faiths/regions/colors at all. This is modern warfare and this is how they made it look like war against terrorism and right now we are on the verge of war. Our provinces and government departments and army all are being engage to fight these conspiracies even they are truth. Even a simple dumb history student can make analysis of friendship of So called world powers and the end result. Democracy in states or UK all are saving their thugs honestly. This is modern way of world war to capture the resources of all countries who got oil or minerals or strategic importance they build their Point of presence on all sites and controlled them and under the hood of democracy after killing hundred of thousands on the name of peace they build sectarian issues. and corporations are running the world powers politics. And right now after making very powerful command and control on all around middle east one after another war being waged. they are clearing Afghanistan and now Syria and finally Pakistan will be the target. But this is the very critical time for people of Pakistan . This is the time when they let people of Pakistan worry about local issues of security and needs of Gasoline and households or jobs. Behind the media and on ground they are building the and stabling the parameters to fully wage us.Sooner or later we have to face them in an year or coming years they will eventually attack Pakistan together. from all directions. But we are sleeping under the dust of time as were our fellow brothers and sisters in Iraq/Afghanistan or Syria or Bosnia or in Palestine or Burma or Kashmir. Pakistan is now under attack from many years. but eventually they will wage it fully and people of Pakistan are so busy in domestic issue. and can not read the parameters and ground facts which are knocking on our all walls and frontiers and borders from all directions.

And a little about Political Parties or feudals or Family Parties. or One Man show there are all worthless to be elected to decide the fate of the world. Fate of the world I will say because Pakistan is again so strategic for the rest of the world as Pakistan is middle of Super Powers and only power with Nukes. all agencies of world from day of emergence till now are trying very hard to bring us down. Even we remain in peace from decades and they tested us from all directions. Right now All we need to aware people before the time come. May be interim government will come and bring or talk about again Changes but how long people of Pakistan will be mocked or played with faces and names and different slogans. Under the hood all are looking at personal interest only few can see the enemies and can define the policy to ensure the rest in peace to world. Dr. Dahlia Wasfi lectures on counterinsurgency at NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study during a day-long symposium on the past, present, and future of the doctrine that has officially guided the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2007. The symposium paid special attention to the role of anthropologists in counterinsurgency operations. She explained all whats done and what and how they do this and procedures and tactics are all same in all times. But all we need to aware the people round the clock and round the world Because its never only the victim who have to pay the price but all of the world and all humankind are under the same after effects or massacre and bloodshed and atrocities done in time for whatsoever reason or ground even to kill one person or a ground of people. World should be aware similarly people of all lands and faiths. All we need to identify the oppressor and his oppression going as the people from them have to raise the voice as long run or short people living in the land of oppressor have to face the same oppression under the Umbrella so if they are silent they have to pay the price either in way of Taxes or no jobs or vaccines or killing or no justice or no Rule.

When a person speak its not always for him. Its for others because he has paid the price but being a human-being he get worried for others as other should not face the same brutality and cruelty due to the oppressor.


This is the Reason I only shared above two Videos to know the Truth. As people are shouting but do not get attention as people close eyes but how long they will remain silent and keep on ignoring the gravity of the mass murder done under their name for nothing. Kindly share and play your part and rest left to the rest as how much humanity they have to talk about the truth.

Hope so many are aware of the situation but not talking and knowing and sharing the truth is our own coward and dishonesty and in times all have to pay the same price of the hard tides and times. At-least watch both videos and there is a lot more literature is available to read and to know the truth. You can not always ignore if someone first knocking your door and later pulling down the door and throwing you out of the your home and later you have nothing left to do talk shows or poll the vote and share personal stuff or achievements or events.

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