Knowledge Profession and Purpose

Knowledge Profession and Purpose
There is a very decent and fine line that separate the Knowledge from education as you will see masses have education but still are not knowledge full. As a matter of fact the knowledge is something begin when you get educated/literate from a institute and become a professional so that tool you want is complete like a doctor studied medicine
A Computer engineer learned Computer and its working
A Architecture engineer learned archeology
A Business student learned Business
A Scholar or religious learn about religion
A Literature doctor learned Literature
A Marketer Degree learned Marketing and studied old and new trends and research
Similarly all professionals study and aware of learning process and trends and skills. But once we cross the institute to the Field or world where these practice belong to. And we learned to practice in all fields of science and technology and belong to education.

The Purpose comes:
From First step or first year or month to the last month of retirement.
You have a purpose for that you worked all nights and days throughout the career or profession.

You have to be very honest about the purpose
If the purpose is money as its seems a reality of time and Masses work for only money. As Money is a necessity of the hour and a very basic need to fulfill the basic requirement. But Money is not life and not the money is profession and nor the money is relationship. Still it seems all our efforts throughout the origins, locations, cultures, races, colors, ages etc like all variables but still you will see one thing common that our purpose and our life seems to be revolving around the same thing. Me and My life and My Money and My profession and All linked to Me similarly my religion and my faith and my Family and My people.

Very First comes the Purpose.
Second comes the decisions and paths to select to reach that purpose.
Third comes the strive to reach that purpose
Fourth comes the Existence to whom you connect in all ups and downs as being human being we have to fall and raise with each step. Emotional as well physical issues or matters gonna raise throughout the way.

You have to understand the Purpose as you will see I am again and again talking and writing about Purpose as this purpose with no doubt is the matter and reason of existence in all creatures. Well our single step is selection of choice is always take you more close to the purpose even you define it or not but you have something right in heart that You like and you have decided consciously or without conscious. Few People work for that purpose with intentions and few walk and follow the fate. And leave everything to fate.

Its seems like this fate we use to talk about is the name of purpose we work all our life.

Once we are educated and have sufficient understanding of things and matters and logics and trends and skills we are a tool even being a human being and we have to set or put us somewhere we belong to or learned to work for.
Part 1. Continued

What comes first Profession or Purpose ?

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