The Golden ingredient of success : Purpose

The Golden ingredient of success : Purpose

Masses are crazy about events and things and wonders happening in world round the clock and with each breath. But under the wonders of happening their is a unique element called objective lets Pray God let us understand the Objective of all this happening and even the object of creation of this world as well the objective of creation of the human-being and objective of creation of all living and non living and existence or non existence. Matter or no matter but objective is our strive and our straight path to God make us more close to step after another with as much clear we are clear about the objective of all happening and occurrence of events around us even the very next moment or the moment passing out or the moment you are going to face the very next of the wink of eye or the the very next breath. Its all God knows all we know is objective of our life is to live for others. and have to live close to GOD with our actions and words and purpose and deeds and to do list. In all mattes we need to know the objective and objective make and delight the deeds and our works as we do not work with hands or mind but with soul and passion and power of will from HIM right in our heart. The only ingredient of success is the Purpose.

When your purpose is helping the very next living being without out any interest You will be automatically lead to the next step that is climax of humanity and living a life for humanity.

You can see and read and implement many objective plans and techniques to motivate your team but above all is the real motive and objective of the work or deed or the purpose of job. When that purpose is bringing good to humanity in real means or the soul of the job from thinking to production level is serving humanity than your all members will be full of enthusiasm. You do not need to a valued time to workout on their brainstorming or making them focus of the jobs or work all you need to take care of them in their issues regarding being human being rather an employee. Its very easy to understand from the creation of all existence and non existence that the purpose is the golden ingredient in all universe.

All creatures throughout the living cycle stay tight to the objectives. When you are not sure about the objective you will be lost in wonder land of existence and non-existence with each breath or tide you will lost in those wonders. and when you are fully aware of the Objective your all efforts and deeds will be focus and destined to success.

From Nature this Objective is Live for others and to human that is solely HUMANITY.

The Objective of all humankind is Humanity and that is the only Message of books from GOD. and words from GOD. The day you will live for others you will surely safeguard your greed and evil habit intrusion to your work or action list. and your own objective and focus will be others and that is Humanity and in other means the other one do the same for you. and that will bring the common factor of excel that is Objective in society. Henceforth step after another Golden ingredient will be part of the Humanity by humankind. that will bring perfect harmony among creatures and take them back to the Creator.

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