Whats going on right now in whole world?

Whats going on right now in whole world? and why in Pakistan one after another leader or scholar killed? Do Pakistani Nationalist killed ? what media is doing? what politician doing ?

We need to ponder on all aspects before talking about this ERA of STOCK TAKING. and before that we need to have a brief look at PRESENT WORLD and FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN CIVILIZATION. There is not problem with bases. You can never bring a perfection in a system. Live in Reality. Its a very slow process of awareness first because right now ignorance is our first challenge and when people are fully aware and knowledge full they will eventually wiser enough to speak and know the truth. Why always a scholar is to be killed or a person or leader who wants a change or prosperity to his people? from the birth of this nation and till now and also the Khilafah break and reason and till now. we need to make a broader look to all events. Its all happening in same fashion. In Pakistan you can see they are taking down any scholar who is really wiser and one after another. Oppressor is always oppressor. Its not always about Leaders but its about us. the people of a land or nation or followers of religion. You need to look around in history to know the truth. Right now we can only see the fall of wall brick after another. for viewing the issue we need to go to past when this wall was firm and strong like Iron wall. That Wall is Muslim Ummah. Like Muslims in Spain. or at the time of Life of Muhammad PBUH. Its not I am connecting a to z but truth is truth. its either Palestine, Bosnia, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or Egypt. This is not done in single shot its a continue process of destruction and a very wide mass destruction on all levels of civilizations and cultures and society.

Thing is whatever happening in my home is not the issue of the person living on a far coast. But when far coast is taking interest there is some interest. And interest is very obvious not even resources but destabilize the systems with one after another push or trick. we need to learn the lessons from past. Its not that we are the victims but all world have to pay the price. Right now Europe and America or Australia all are facing the Giants Corporations against their own people even Governments. as oppressor has one rule that is to oppress. because when people of America,Europe or Australia let excel the tumor in their cradles now they have to taste and at the same time we are tasting it from more than 2 centuries.

But Our scholars did a very good job here. There is a list of them philosopher or religious or politician in past who fought and make people aware not only their nation but world. irrespective of the color or faith they pointed out the common evil of systems. and why Islam is the most growing religion in world is have only Reason that is TRUTH. Truth is a single shot that make you calm and soothe right in heart. and right now you can see these towers of light from horizons to world in all places they are dazzling and delighting the hearts of people. Its not a fantasy its truth and Truth speaks for its Truthfulness round the clock and breath after another. Either our politician are chosen or imposed but ALLAH ALMIGHTY is the only Best PLANNER in all existence and non existence living or non living. One have to meet God after 1 wink of eye or 1 break or 1 Day or 10 years or 100 or thousands of years but eventually we have to meet God.

This is a simple understanding whatever going on or in the world we are living but we have one to one connection to ALLAH and that channel is between two.
Bottom line is our wills for will only be en-lighted when our wills will fall in WILL of Creator and know the objective of living and the path as ISLAM THE ONLY WAY

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