The Pain of Confusing Reality By TariqMian

The Pain of Confusing Reality

Though the current political system in Pakistan is based on parliamentary form of government, there still exits an ample space for mushrooming growth of corruption, which has been continuously rising ‘almost uninterrupted’ at various levels. The menace has gifted the incompetent rulers with political impotence.

Consequently, the national exchequer keeps on melting away faster than ever due to its abuse and loot of course. The artificial energy crisis has created a number of other crises which are becoming a difficult scenario day by day.

The uncontrolled terrorism by the anti Pakistan intruders and elements from within is a pain in the neck because of administrative paralysis.
Most of the verdicts by the apex court are ignored by the executive which clearly is breach of law and the constitution.

Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that no parliament or government ever wanted to replace the stinky system. Rather, the vested interests of political thieves continue to be protected regardless of any economic or political tension at local or national level.

Furthermore, the hidden manipulators are hell bent to hurt Pakistan and use Terrorism (devil’s religion) as one of the effective tools to deter away any potential investor who wants to bring investment into Pakistan.
Simply speaking, a strategy is at work to weaken and inflict deep dents in the economy to bring the country to its knees. Thus, the whole country suffers economically, and Karachi being the commercial hub and back bone has been the hardest hit when it comes to commerce, trade and manufacturing.

A daily routine includes target assassinations, extortions, power outage, and the unemployed public are only a few examples among the long list that clearly shows there is no control due to sub standard governance. Certainly, the chaotic situation is a source of pleasure to those who have always been irked by the continuity of the existence of the troubled republic.

The motivating factor behind all this non sense seems to be the greed or revenge or both.
However, the people are confused for reason: The practice of hiding behind the smoke screen and employing escape goat are used as effective tools for camouflage purposes by the hidden hand just to spread confusion around.

A few years ago, Pakistan television channels were talking about some NGO guy who had adopted around “three thousand kids” through legal process in Pakistan and then left the country without a trace. Nobody knows what happened to those kids. Isn’t that painful?

It’s a cause of concern that kidnapping of immature teens and under age boys is on the rise, and the abductees are believed to be sold for heavy price. Maybe, the ill-fated kids end up with terrorists.
The officials are now gradually beginning to suspect foreign hand as well in the crime against humanity.
The government should dig out the hidden hand behind Terrorism and other crimes throughout the country especially in Karachi. Shamelessly, the killers are roaming the streets of Karachi - mercilessly targeting innocent people.  On average, around 10 people are getting killed per day. But the government and law-enforcement agencies are not fast enough to respond.

A transparent operation in the city of Karachi against the miscreants is needed desperately. Karachi being a multi-ethnic region is very complicating when it comes to control, so the authorities have to sit together with the MQM the ANP and the PPP on board to reach a viable solution amicably because negotiated settlement remain the best route to success indeed. But with elections looming, this is unlikely to happen and Karachi is stuck with the status quo on account of dirty ethnic politics.

Most probably, the military rule is out of question now. The N-League and the PTI, despite their tall claims don’t have much membership/support in Sindh. So, the nation looks with desperation for miracle that may make the current elected rulers take responsibility to enforce rule of law, collect taxes and spend the collection diligently on general welfare, provide the people with health and security of life and jobs.

With regard to terrorism, a major crackdown by the army against Taliban (TTP) is still on the card.
Investigators are trying to figure out if the local militants were being used by some external force.
Surely, Pakistani security forces do take action against the militants in various tribal regions based on concrete evidence. Also, a series of failed attempts to create rift between Shia Sunni sects has defeated the enemy many a times.
Mr. Jinnah created Pakistan eyeing for a system of governance compatible with Islamic ideology, but due to his death soon after, his dream couldn’t come true, instead the newly created country had to get along with a “misfit system” of governance. The non-compatibility has cost a lot to the country and the current suffrage is the side-effect of the non sense. In other words, a confusing parliamentary form of government blended with semi-presidential federal democratic republic is not workable in Pakistan, as it has only been producing a corrupt society from top to bottom.
Seriously, there is no choice but  crush terrorism at all cost for self survival.

For better governance,  the law makers should introduce presidential form of government, sooner the better. Under that system, the president is entitled to induct competent people of vision, integrity, professional knowledge and practical experience into the government. A better environment can be achieved with the changeover.
Most importantly, a major overhaul of the strategic priorities is the way to go. 
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Further Whatever system a government may follow either presidential or parliamentary but Rule of law or supremacy of Judiciary is utmost duty of any member governing a government. Being part of society we seems grains but these grains or small entities can en-light and spark many others and together we will bring the our norms and values to fame of societies and as well to land we are living in. Truth have to sustain and evil have to decay in itself and had a shorter life. But still a long way to go and we have to aware people and bring the public and youngsters out of the TV and Movie and Plays and bring them to The Real World where Humankind belong to. Our Youth is our only asset as the knowledge is our inheritance. Wisdom is our path with simplicity and sovereignty. We have to build these qualities in our nation and this is the way and time to make our new generation live they way Iqbal dreamed and Quid lived exemplary life and given fruit of Pakistan to us. Similarly above all Life of Muhammad PBUH is Ideal for us to follow. But this is understanding to all of us with very clear ways and signs that these paths and ways are for those who seek for them and all poetry of Iqbal insist and invoke this Spark in youth to understand the Purpose and every ingredient of life and knowledge as everything for us.


MianTariq said...

Dear Khan sahib,
Allah SWT sent the miracle of the Qur^an through our beloved Hazrat Muhammad sallaho elaihay wasallam-- solely as guidance for benefit of the entire Humankind, but the Muslims are lucky ones to understand and follow Allah’s message which becomes much easier to be understood only when we look at the practical life of our role model Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Indeed, he practised the message in entirety. The prophet’s sunnan and the explanation are further explained in the poetry of Allama Iqbal RA.
Allama sahib is the one who prepared Mr Jinnah to found Pakistan on the basis of Ideology, but—unfortunately with Mr. Jinnah’s early demise, Pakistan ended up in orphanage like condition.
Consequently, the vultures have been blood sucking the newly born state which lost one wing in 1971, while the remainder is up for grab - so many others with vested interests are busy preying upon it.
We need to self correct our ways and re-position our Qibla where it should be.
We need to elect people of integrity.
We must love merit and justice and fairness.
The politicians are selfish people who are after power-grabbing and steering the nation according to their own way - where it benefits them the most.

There is a challenge for the youth of today to get involved and steer pakistan with sincere efforts as Allama sahib suggested in his kalaam.
Thanks Mr. Ahsan Khan for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

MianTariq said...

Khan sahib, I have posted "Sabotaging the Multipurpose Remedy" on Blog "Thinking" --it's about the politicising the technical matter of KB dam project.

Ahsan Jehangir Khan said...

JazakALLAH Tariq Bhai :) You are doing a great job :) I am short of words for your writings and information, you are sharing on blogs.

Thanking in anticipation I used that article in this article link given below:

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