Kashmir Nakba

Kashmir Nakba

First, British created nakba to kashmir in 1947 then Palestine in 1948.

The 1947 Kashmiri exodus, also known as the Nakba, occurred when more than 500,000 Kashmiris Butchered & thousands were expelled from their homes, during the 1947 Kashmir Genocide.

Genocide of Muslims in Jammu over three weeks between between October - November 1947 is one of the least known genocides in modern history. It was carried out with such a precision that it is difficult to find its traces, except in the memories of the survivors and the tales of horror they passed on to their next generations. It was such an operation that language lacks words to express this offence of demolition of human being.

The historians & survival witnesses say that the killings carried out was a "state sponsored genocide" to bring out demographic changes in Jammu - a region which had an overwhelming population of Muslims.

"The massacre of more than five lakh  Muslims was state-sponsored and state supported. The forces from Patiala Punjab were called in, RSS (a right-wing Hindu organisation) was brought to communalise the whole scenario and kill Muslims,"

The Muslims, who constituted more than 60 percent of the population of Jammu region, were reduced to a minority after the killings and displacement.
Women were raped mercilessly at will. Many women preferred death and committed suicide than falling prey to the cruel beasts who wouldn’t tire calling themselves as secular people.

An organised carnage was orchestrated to kill Muslims, wherever found or spotted in Jammu.

Author :- Suddhan Sadaf Shareef

Twitter :- @SuddhanSadaf30

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