Stop China before Uyghur Muslims are wiped out!

 By Gulnaz Uyghur 

This time I am not writing to tell you about East Turkestan which has been occupied by China since 1949 nor I will tell you about how millions of Uyghurs are suffering each day just because they are born as Muslims. But this time, I am going to write down my screams which you can’t hear, my tears which you can’t see and my anger which you are not feeling right now.

These are not only my feelings but the emotions of Uyghurs all around the world who are silently being assaulted by China. Its been years since I have been hearing about it, have been a victim of it myself too but a recent story by Associated Press made me shiver with fear.

Recently, AP’s China Correspondent, Gerry Shih did a brave story on the ‘re-education’ camps being run in East Turkestan (Falsely Known as Xinjiang). He interviewed former inmates of the camps who were fortunate to escape these camps alive. While reading it I stopped at one particular incident where the Chinese Government officials maligned our Uyghur History by targeting and insulting the Uyghur women.

They have been telling Uyghurs in the camps that in past, Uyghur Women didn’t wore undergarments, braided their hair to signal sexual availability and had numerous sexual partners.

Did you read the above lines? Take your time to sink it in….

Until now, China was forcing us to abort our children,send them to orphanage by unlawfully imprisoning us, ban us from following Islam, from wearing head scarves, celebrate Ramadan, burning our Qurans, forcing us to drink alcohol, deploying officials in our homes to keep an eye on us and now they are declaring Uyghur women as prostitutes!!!!! They are not only declaring us so but also brain-washing us into believing so. They are trying feel us ashamed us of our cultures by spreading such insults about our History.

These new ‘re-education’ camps by Chinese Government are more dangerous than the Nazi style camps by Hitler. Because here Uyghurs are being mentally and physically tortured into death. Even those who somehow return alive are not able to forget the scenario. Now with such insults towards the Uyghur women, China has crossed all its limits and showed how low it can stoop to wipe out our community.

If Xi Jinping and CCP is not stopped from doing this in East Turkestan then soon even other countries will see same kind of ‘re-education camps’ where their identities will be taken and they will be turned into Chinese slaves or The Party’s slaves…. 

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