Beautiful Examination is Life

God is Miraculous and Wiser and Creator and what a wonderful Creator HE is ALLAH.
Look the beauty, Harmony, Symmetry and Culture and civilization of all creatures.

People in actual deeply influenced and effected by the culture of area where they use to live or get birth.

Though they are Muslim,Christian and Jew. But like people in India or Africa or America or Canada are effected or follow the culture and customs of respective place. Similarly people in India are deeply effected with Hindu or Sikh ways like Marriages and other occasions or ceremonies. Even Muslim here in Pakistan or India are effected with these customs and still on verge of fighting or in a way following same customs and ways like them. Nothing bad in customs or tradition but if they pose like other religion or violating the faith one following they have to be given up or left because Faith comes very first than anything our personal or in society or part of a culture or specifically a tradition.

Muslims are blessed with Responsibility though they realize it or not but this is the responsibility because if you got some knowledge its a responsibility and its not someone property and Holy Quran and all education and scientific growth is all nothing else but is a responsibility for all Humanity and World we are living in.

Like if you have a light it have a purpose to make people see things around or enlighten the dark surroundings and you can not keep it hidden and if you are doing it you are so selfish directly or indirectly.

If we see and realize there are so many blessed people sent down on Earth in all TIMES to humanity and Mankind. The faith like in India Hinduism and Sikhism are altered shapes of those messages as People were all time oppressor to them not to Allah or Messengers. In all times this is Human who forget and forgot the blessing sent down from God/Allah. People are so oppressor to them in past in present and future. Even a single day we can observe our action and bring few good aspects in our life the very next day so change is also there when you let it come as when you need it. When you have a thirst for it. Allah sent and keep on sending blessing to all humans in all forms we can see or feel around. But its us who seek and see them and acknowledge to God not people.

People are oppressor in ways. But when we act according to them or according to their likes we are equally part of this oppression.

Similarly when we keep quite to some injustice and oppression around us due to any reason we are equally responsible for this act.

For Muslims and Believers of Faith and Holy Books: For All People:

First and utmost thing is us being center and being responsible
Allah and Muhammad PBUH put and declared us in center with responsibility

If we keep this silence and ignorance what gonna happen:

Very simple and straight to understand:

If Nucleus stop doing its responsibility what gonna happen to electrons and around atoms :)

If Tree stop spreading Oxygen or Cloud stop showering water or earth and mountains stop doing there responsibility what gonna happen :)

Thing is we keep on ignoring symbols and signs.
Simple thing to understand: If you do not do our job very honestly what gonna happen in a while or in long term.

Silence is a very fatal disease and obviously violence:

Even every morning itself is a sign and a miracle
how a night change into a morning and sun comes or cloud came to us... only we cant see it,because we close our eyes by us ...
If we do understand or give it a thought as we all know all living this praises Allah/God and Creator of all creatures and time.

Personally I believe all creatures Worship and Praise in their beautiful ways.
Sun spreading light beams
Cloud showing water
Flowers with fragrance and beauty

and if we still look on other aspects sun come and go during a cycle of day and night
Similarly a flower will be beautiful one day and after a very short time have to go.
Like Cloud shower water but sometimes thunder storm too.

Words and spaces can never be sufficient to explain the creatures and praises to Creator=Allah.

NO Media or TV or no one will ask you to do not see Morning or sun or stars or rivers and a flower or trillions of Miracle around us

But they will say look these Cars, Cloths and Brands and ways to attract you to a beautiful distraction that's called Life. Life is a complete examination for all those who know.

Honestly who are saying not to enjoy Life . Are mountains and river and this universe and flowers and treasures and people are not a joy . They are joy and interest and seek for us. Seek the knowledge and your steps and your Will is ways for you.

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