Learning is a passion

Enrich People or Spoil people in such a way that make yourself vital for them. Like be so nice and caring and listening to them make you very famous in a society and meantime you can build them and make them understanding to life and every aspect of life.

People only like/love themselves they wont gonna listen you unless you let them speak and listen them attentively and when you get the chance you can correct them with best possible ways.

Make them dependent of you in ways to resolve there day to day issue of any sort you can.

Learning is fascinating and its an art and we should love it and do it like a worship and passion.

DOG Methodology: Dog moves with owner
CAT Methodology: Cat stay with home not goes with the owner
Mouse Methodology: Mouse is a customer/people only worry about food/eating.

Prime Rule :Respect is your entire and only tool in any field of life.

People are very important.
Part of your life
Vacancies/opportunity grows with jobs/time.
Opportunities comes due to customers/time/effort

Lip Service: Saying but not admitting/Accepting
Competitor will be there anytime
e.g.: Side Mirror: Other cars look far but actually they are near.

Complaints are key to resolve issues.
Thorough customers we get referrals.
Unhappy will remain unhappy always
Customer lose importance once he is our customer
e.g: Like to girl friends we give gifts but when they are wives no gifts :P
Organizations should not be Bucket with Holes :)
Like New customer coming and old going :)

Training is survival
e.g even animal train animals
Tool box to survive should be there and training and practice is tool.
The BUCKET A movie to watch

Moral and Objective:

How many people are happy because of your efforts round the clock and all your life?
Learn how to hunt and train how to hunt
Do not hunt for someone but teach them hunting so he can hunt all life rather waiting for you to hunt
WOW is to exceed the expectation in service or delight the customer or a person by exceptional services

Your mouth should not run faster than brain and ears :)

Listen and then speak

Poor listening is bad so stay attentive, do not let customer like Boomerangs like rotating in all and reaching to you like you were in start too. So better if you face a problem resolve it yourself rather let it reach you again after rotating from all people.

Choice of words is yours with person to person.

Note: Complaints reveals a status of a service/Quality of organization and Management.

Slogan should be: We appreciate and value your complaints and feedback.

Marketing should be by words of mouth like use customer as missionary or volunteer.
And he will make the story of our services as worth sharing and fascinate customer by an organization.

Delight people to use word of Mouth to bring more fame to organization or a person.

Before opening your mouth, open your ears and listen attentively.

Focus without distraction like focus on primary objective is your target not secondary target/tasks.
Watch Shooter Movie :)
Empathy (Putting yourself in someone else shoes)
Express your deep gratitude to everyone it will make you a very good human being
Be very friendly with worst customer/people because those need more compassion from you to make them on right track.

This was extracted from one of a training given by A Trainer On Topic how to handle customers. By

A Manger in a local bank

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