By time, Mankind is in loss

Surat Al-`Aşr (The Declining Day) - سورة العصر

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
By time,
Indeed, mankind is in loss,
Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.
Its Clearly mentioned in Holy Quran mankind is in loss except those who are righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advise to patience. So from very start to end in Holy Quran is to seek knowledge and share with responsibility. When you know truth it means you are not the owner of this blessing and knowledge and you have to share with the people around and as much you can. Spread the Word of God with responsibility and for betterment of people and Humanity. As people will forget but God Knows all. And God said call me Allah and Praise me all times. As all creatures Praise God in their guided fashion. 
Need of hours is to keep your eyes open as time is so fast around us. Day and night passes so swiftly and day past to weeks and weeks fall in months and months in years. And years after years we look back and find nothing but our-self and our deeds and life around us. Few so pleasant Memories and Few not Happy. But 
How many times we did something for people or creatures around? 
How many times we help a needy person or handicap or a even an animal?
How many times we talk and shared our happiness and love within people around or any stranger even a smile?
If we are good the people around us will also be good. Atmosphere or environment of a place is made by us in home or in office or any where. As well our inner spiritual status reflects and affect around our physical world we live in.
Holy Quran and all Holy Books revealed and sent to mankind for betterment of society and understanding of this life and knowing and knowledge of the truth.
Its seems very fascinating as A Soul sent in this World we are living in encapsulated in a body for preparation to live life in hereafter. Like How to Praise ALLAH, Purpose of life, getting ready to cover all aspects required for hereafter, As this place called earth is a place to learn and excel not for worldly things but surely for hereafter. 
This Beauty of Universe around is surely have a purpose
Nothing is purposeless and Everything is with a purpose.
Its us who cant see things and say this and that seems purposeless and at the same time the other person know that very well and know its purpose.
We see apparent of things and soul and heart see the real picture of things. 
In this life Souls are groomed and getting ready to Meet the Creator.  

We have only to seek the path and speak to ALLAH as ALLAH is more closer to us being all in all of us and every creature. All we need to do is to seek knowledge and knowledge for betterment and betterment for Society and People.

And utmost aspect is once we know the Truth we do not share and let other acknowledge it. As ALLAH said the person who knows and the person who do not know can never be equal so the person who knows have a responsibility to let other know.

What we do even we know much but we never gonna share with our Family or siblings or relatives only due to our own limitation or reasons.

The only thing matter is who want WHAT and from WHOM and WHY?
When we know what we are talking and to Whom we are talking and we know What WHOM is capable of . So all is easy but only when we know and for knowing the only thing required is SEEK, Seek with Will and WILL for knowledge. Knowledge is independent of colors, languages and terms. But dependents on Will of SEEK.
God Bless us all and let us show the Right Path and Path of Wisdom.

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