A letter to Humanity

Peace and Blessings on all shining Souls,

Being Human and Under the Umbrella of Humanity this is our utmost job to speak for people who cannot help themselves with conditions and circumstances may change.

For years I observed and never spoken a word and when begin speaking I started from writing :)
As a matter of fact it’s never late but when you know and blessed with knowledge and wisdom you got a responsibility for this blessing as all human being have eyes with sight but few are with vision and wisdom. All can live for their selves but few Shinning souls have will and endurance to live for others with patience. And there is nothing tiny thing that we can achieve without Patience. Nothing under the hood Universe is without a purpose and For human beings is to have Humanity and live for others. None of the creatures in this universe live for itself but from tiny to gigantic live for others. As Nature delivers us the same message that whoever will live for others he/she will live for eternity as your witness will be this universe when you felt someone’s pain right in heart and heal it with your actions either by words or actions list.

Don’t you see?
Don’t you think?
Don’t you plan?

Under this Umbrella we are human-being without colors and origins and races and nations. As Humanity is mother of all emotions and emotions are above languages and colors but ways to heart and heart lead us to soul and soul is ultimate way to Creator. A Soul is independent of channels.

In times and in all Eras, there was a fight between good and bad. And Bad in all times were Oppressor and again all times Bad was with powers of deceptions and attraction. Majority in all times was volunteer to bad with silence or with actions. But in all those times; among people was the people who stand against the bad/oppression of times and Raised Voices and Unite the People and let them walk against the powers of times. So in this Time of Today Oppression is touching its limit on all horizons and fronts looks powerful but actually so weak to People who are blessed and chosen to Speak against and workout for Humanity. And remember Truth speaks for its Truthfulness and Truth is never alone and never ever weak. So Let the world of this heart beat the world and let the soul twinkle and glow the universe.

A very warm welcome to all brothers and sisters from earth and souls from Heavens.

Our Truths is our Unity and Unity itself a discipline and this discipline is our language and Humanity is our path.

Let this heart live right in your chests and let it beat with emotions for Humanity.
O Creator Bless us with knowledge wisdom and understanding with ways to walk :)

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