Poliomyelitis and Cases of Paralysis and Death

Poliomyelitis and Cases of Paralysis and Death

Poliomyelitis can be prevented by both the KILLED VACCINE(inactivated vaccine,IPV) and the LIVE,attenuated vaccine(oral vaccine,OPV).

Both vaccines induces humoral antibodies,which neutralizes the virus entering the blood and hence prevent central nervous system diseases and infection.

INACTIVATED VACCINE is preferred 4 the following reasons:

1:it's current version is called ENHANCED POLIO VACCINE or eIPV.it has higher seroconversion rate and induces a higher titer of antibody than the previous IPV.
2:IT ALSO INDUCES SOME MUCOSAL IMMUNITY,IgA,making it capable of interrupting transmission....BUT...the amount of of secretory IgA induced by eIPV is less than the amount induced by OPV.

HENCE,OPV is preferred for eradication efforts.

LIVE VACCINE has some disadvantages;

1:rarely,but still it can cause reversion of the attenuated virus to virulent one and disease can ensue.
2:can cause disease in immunodeficient so not given to them prior to their T/M.
3:must be kept refrigerated .to prevent heat inactivation of the live virus.


It occurs in those areas where the people are unimmunized,which is a common drawback of our community..so if vaccine given to such people it can cause some serious manifestations.


People should be treated by immunizing them with the ORAL VACCINE that would interrupt the fecal-oral transmission.

PASSIVE IMMUNIZATION with immune serum globulins is available for those unimmunized individuals who are known to be exposed.



1:4 doses to be given at 2 months,4 months,6 to 18 months and upon entry to school at 4 to 6 yrs of age.

NOW,why some individuals develop certain complication upon vaccine administration??

ANS:because while the vaccine is prepared..cell culture used may be not screened carefully to exclude the adventitious viruses,which when get access to the human body cause complications like strain of SV40 virus can be found in non-hodgkin's lymphoma..but if the cell cultures used to prepare the vaccine are properly screened then the rate of such incident can be controlled.

Special Thank to Kate Mil for Sharing this very first research :)

Poliomyelitis and cases of paralysis and death

Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine

by Christina England


I welcome coming to your Country to penetrate this vaccine darkness with light, for one, and for all.
Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

17.) Do you believe that vaccinations have eradicated epidemic diseases?
No, not at all. All we have done is translated “forest fires” for 1% of the population into chronic and acute “brush fires” for the entire population. Sanitation, nutrition, potable water, proper nutrition and hydration was eradicating epidemic disease. Virulent pathogens can be handles, we simply needed to control the “MASS” response in human physiology along with the electrostatics of blood flow. In this regard, there would have been no infantile paralysis or respiratory failure from wild polio, or death from Spanish flu, or H1N1 for that matter. We can handle the germs, all of them, we simply need to control the magnitude and nature of the immune system response to these virulent pathogens. The same pathological sequence has to be controlled, in human physiology, on an as-needed basis, irrespective of the pathogenic strain or virulence.

Polio is now known as aseptic meningitis and a bunch of other names. It never went away. Then again, it was never polio, the virus, that was causing the paralysis and disease, these were ischemic strokes from “M.A.S.S.” All other pathological states flow from this generic common first step to disease.
18.) Have you encountered opposition, hassles, threats or obstacles to the publication of your work in the leading medical journals?
Yes I have. including pulls of my talks as early as 2005 amongst other “pre-emptive” tactics that can be discussed at a later time. For now the issue is on the health and wellness of our fellow beings, my battles are irrelevant.
Organized medicine has not been kind, although it would have been kind if I simply “played ball.” At the time of my initial discoveries and proof causation proven tools, I was on the boards of directors of two organized medicine bodies in Canada, resident editor, and about to be posted to the newly forming Federation of Specialty physician in Canada. I chose to represent the truth and science and humanity rather than line my own pockets or accept career advancement for “selling out.” This is what a physician takes their oaths to do. This is what a scientist is bound to be true to. This is what a human being does for fellow beings. It is not about being better than ones fellow being, it is about helping one’s fellow being become better. We all have a part to play. As it turns out, these medical discoveries are my small part and the knowledge belongs to humanity, not my pocket book, and not buried in some pharmaceutical firms “knowledge vaults.”
My work frightens those in the know at the upper echelons, and now in the Federal courts. They will have to brand me a ‘quack’ and destroy my credibility, as they will not and cannot deny the evidence I now bring to bear.
It is no longer a simple matter of “are vaccines safe?” The repercussions with my “MASS” discoveries is that the entire medical model collapses, the germs are NOT the cause of disease, in an of themselves, this was never the truth, it was just theory.
19.) What are your ‘opponents’ main viewpoints and claims?
They have none. There are no other viewpoints anymore. The truth is self evident now, res ipsa loquitur. All they have to do is come and listen, come and look. ALL who take the time to learn and be educated with the evidence I can now show, are speechless, from pediatric neurologists to all medical and paramedical professionals alike. The vaccine courts have nothing to do with truth. We shall see what viewpoint emerges from that pit in time.

In 2011 alone, the Bill and Melinda Gates’ polio vaccine campaign in India caused 47,500 cases of paralysis and death

Untested vaccines causing new wave of polio-like paralysis across India

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is financially backing and publicly endorsing mass polio virus vaccinations in India. In case you didn’t hear him yourself, Bill Gates publicly announced that vaccines co

uld help reduce the world population by 15%.

Gates also proclaimed that every newborn should be registered for vaccinations immediately to assure the goal of 90% of the population getting vaccinated for his “century of the vaccination.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program in India was promoted as “The Last Mile: Eradicating polio in India.” The promotional video displayed numbers showing thousands of cases of polio in India decades ago, with the number of cases dropping to 42 by 2010. But it appears that wild polio virus stats have been traded for polio from vaccines and non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP).

In India, over 47,000 cases of NPAFP were reported in 2011. The paralysis symptoms of NPAFP are practically the same as what’s attributed to “eradicated” wild virus polio. Apparently, vaccine polio viruses also cause polio paralysis.


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