This Spark take us to the level of spirituality

 This Spark take us to the level of spirituality

There is a line and a distinction between true and lie
There is a very fine line between evil and virtue
There is a very clear fissure between Good and bad
There is always understanding even when there is no understanding.
There is always a thirst even there is not thirst
There is always a hunger even no hunger is said

There is always A No even we say Yes.
In all these times our conscious is trying to awake
Once this awakening took place
The distinction is always there among two forces of good and bad.

The very fine distinction line is always there but when we awake by the blessing from GOD. We can easily decide the one and only selection for us. The only selection that lead us to right path
The only part that lead us to satisfaction
The only part that lean us and indulge us in spirituality and understanding of this distinction.
The Seek is our spark
This Spark take us to the level of spirituality
The spirituality that you may find in books or plans
That lies in that distinction and seek for simplicity of all aspects of living.
The simplicity whoever followed Rule the world and Rule the time But always under the RULE OF ONE. ALLAH Almighty as the Might is for ALLAH and Knowledge is ALLAH and ALL knowledge comes from ALLAH.
When we encircle us in this distinct circle we gain the massive gain of all times. and our focus and spark let us touch the zenith and climax of knowledge and wisdom that may be or may not be ever written by words of people. As deeper the thirst and spark will as quicker will be the spin and as quicker will be the spin as deeper the indulgence and as deeper the indulgence deeper will be our spiritual state and simplicity will be our symbolic representation and norm of Glory and Elegance to the times and People of all times. Glory to ALLAH and ALL wisdom comes from ALLAH. ALL praises to ALLAH The Creator of ALL.

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