Ignorance of this world is reaching limits

Ignorance of this world is reaching limits

Ignorance of this world is above the flames of the HELL now:

 Yeh jo jahiliat hoti hay na, yeh bari tameez k sath her jaga pai jati hay bus mayar ya level ka fark hota hay, aur hota kuch youn hay k her kisi ko apni jahiliat to kbi nazar nahi ati per dosry ki sab sy pehlay ati hay. tu sb sy pehlay is jahiliat ka khatama kerna chaiy jo apky pas bht tameez sy pari hoti hay :)
This ignorance: this ignorance exist in a very delicate manner in all places and people. The only difference is level and taste of it. And you know what happens: no one can see this delicate ignorance in them but all he/she can see is other ignorance. All we need to begin from us and at very first step need to eradicate this delicate ignorance in a very delicate way of ways.

The first kill of a human and Now killing thousand beings and sending souls back to Creator and for what ? Really what things? OIL? resources ?
Can you see all what you people are doing ?
The oppressors and the silence ones

This universe is staring down to earth and soul comes and they kill and the oppression is getting so high. I will say its too high to bear.

Dear Wrong Doers,
Due to your deeds and actions we have to all pay.
This nature and earth live in Balance if you can not or do not defend the people being oppressed today eventually that oppression will be waged in times to people in peace.

Balance is Ultimate

Compassion and be merciful before the Time has come and you wont get the next moment to breath and raise voice. People native and people far the evil is same and bad is bad no matter what, My land or yours but killing is just killing and a soul is so precious. And Alas this feeling is not just a feeling but Truth. See with eyes of humanity and reality resource on price of blood and souls.

No Faith is teaching this, No Faith and No Faith has teaching or preaching of oppression.

Neither those in thousand years back and nor in hundreds of years. Not the very first in time and nor the last of time. Truth and Raise the voice. Even walls seems so high but materials can never sustain the faith.
Truth is created to be Rule the world.
Who and Whom and who so ever comes in Truth ways in times he have to be part of history in the worst of words. And who ever stays with Truth: will be in golden times and with golden words for rest of the eternity and humanity. and this body is nothing but a shield for soul and who wants to protect the body and who wants to protect the soul.

Live with soul and stay blessed and do not live for this body as its at no point something to be satisfaction and soothe.

Pray for this world we abode/dwell in :)

Knowledge is for those who seek from heart and soul

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