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why we are still using facebook ?

Walk on your own terms and on our own culture and social life not the one someone decide for us like Place owned by someone with a very simple objective to propagate Norm and social life according to them so A very bold but no least step to through facebook far away and It's simply a dare to do :)

I will write about new feature like outline some other time by which facebook imposes things on users one after one.

I left facebook because

This is happening because Muslim countries didn’t take some serious steps on shameful acts like drawing cartoons of holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Earlier Facebook members created a group “Draw Muhammad Day” which is officially supported by Facebook. Because they didn’t remove it even after thousands of complaints submitted by Muslim communtiy against that group. In oppose to this they have removed another groups on Holocaust issues created by other Facebook members in replyto Draw cartoons. Facebook administration only stop access to Cartoons pages in few Islamic countries. By doing this, they did open a door for everyone else who keeps bad thoughts for Islam and Muslims. Pakistani government has officially banned Facebook in Pakistan for a few days in march 2010. But closing your eyes from world and let them do anything they want isn’t a proper way to handle problems. I have reported Burn Quran Day group now, I don’t know if Facebook will now change its policy of ignoring Muslims or they keep it like before. May be this group will be removed shortly or simply become not accessible in Muslim countries. However I don’t have any positive hopes from Facebook.

We should look to our selves what we are doing ...what matters to us and how seriously we take things being a nation and ofcourse being a muslim ..and how we react and pretend to things...

Most of things do not matter but being a nation and being a muslim many little things matters alot and obviously we never learned from past this is the only thing we should learn

We should learn from past and obviously past has an impact on Future.
And today plays a vital role for future so in future we should do whats more important to ...And i think there is a world and a potential of us being wasted on such sites which has nothing to do with knowledge.
We should be a much responsible and mature nation our again my point here is we should learn from Past which matters alot.
Above all we should live our lives on our terms means on our religion terms not anyone else will decide our fate for us and we always stay dependent on others.

Alot more in my mind and that all kept me away from this social community .
May be its meaning less to anyone else but for me its everything even its nothing.

What i know and believe when there is a will there is always a way ...so its a way to express emotions to the world and express things with responsibility and not to hurt anyone Its not give up its a way and its a new world and innovation and full of expression .

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