Best Quotation

2:08 PM
The belief ( Imaan ) that there is no God to be worshiped except Allaah (the one God) and that Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon...Read More

Wisdom and Words

1:12 PM
  Its life ...after a long day ...after a week ...few months ... few years ...we have time for us ...a time that belong to us ...time t...Read More

Crossing limits

8:28 AM
A dilemma i unfolded ...a secret i disclosed ... I run fast and faster to cross the limit ...i won few hundred meters i had awards .....Read More

Worth Sharing

2:24 PM
ہماری خوش نصیبی یہ ہے کہ ہم خدا کو ایک مانتے ہیں، مگر بدنصیبی یہ کہ خدا کی ایک نہیں مانتے۔ اشفاق احمدRead More


10:32 AM
Don’t be too hurry in love, find someone who can guide you not only in Dunya, but in akhirah. Who can pick you up when you fall, who can...Read More


10:11 AM
When someone beats a rug with a stick, he is not beating the rug – his aim is to get rid of the dust. Your inward is full of dust from the...Read More

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