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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Neither Words nor actions but heart is home of truth:Love

Neither Words nor actions but heart is home of truth

A home of all ups and downs

A home belongs to thee

A home never cared own-self

A tale you cant change even you are the writer

A story you never know the characters

A pain so deep inside the cores of it

A Nature you never change it

A divine love it has for thee

A rhythm so musical filled with nature

A poem with no stanza and line

A glimpse of unseen around

Still a heart to beat  for thee

A hope after every breath

A word you never spoke-d

A color you never saw

A taste you never taste

A home with no walls 

Walls surround you with warmth

Something beyond frames of time and breaths

Inside flash but a home of emotions

Emotion so deep then the word deep never define-d

A heart culture of emotions

A world unseen but still around

Live in the world it lives all life

A heart :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trust and Trusting us

We trust and keep trusting us. Blindly trusting own self can become a big resistance for self improvement. For character building we must critically examine our self, our intent, our deeds with guide of religion. Otherwise our confidence may lead us to such result may be we can understand it or see it but your trust take you to the right path with believe.

Our words and also our attitude towards others and life with our actions.

An innocence a beauty and truthfulness with simplicity what all this picture may have.

My words may not work with all painter portrayed with heart. A girl in rain with heart so live :)

Mood changed so do the post :)
We may blame the whole world for anything but a time comes in life when you start you life with heart open and full of understanding with realizing things and people around. May this time come in health and wealth of life with all colors with Fazal of Almighty Allah.
This is not the only pray i do for people but this is what my heart speaks to me when no one around to my soul.

Humanity is mother of all Emotions

A different look:

You may have seen many relationship and time gone but what stay behind and stand with you is humanity.

May be a blood relation even fades away but ever you get a bigger helping hand in terms of care is humanity. I have seen families on boom smiling and cheering faces with happiness and full of colors. And faces with gloom and sadness of times. Relationship: a strength and weakness and humanity is our life time partner. Relationship: a joy and a pain but again humanity remains. Relationship need time and health but  humanity stands always with open arms. No matter how long run and how fast you move on road of life but one day you will need humanity around. humanity the only trait and benchmark of a human being seldom you look in people with necks high and straight.

Human by Virtue of our Humanity


It is your actions, not your words, that define you as a human being…
Source :Image

Humanity is mother of all emotions in words as well in world of actions. throw your glasses of ME and put glasses of time and watch around the people and live a human life full of humanity. Humanity in not only a emotion but a virtue of a religion.

Giving ur life to fight for humanity is hard work + sometimes traumatic but the benefits are immense.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Relationships are Life

Relationships are life ... in all times:up and down: keep these relations away From personal like dislike ... Smiles,tears,luck,good and bad everything is part of life and relationships are means of life .. No matter how bad relationship status is:Just think for the good times and let it go and wait for the good day with your own initiatives for the betterment of the relations.

The only thing time and our religion teach us is to have Patience and Peace in every aspect of life and role you have. Stay blessed and make this world a better place with bright words and actions :)
Live with Patience

Other than words and actions do care people around. Your Parents and you sisters and brothers.
Remember all times are good times and in long run they became memories so make all time memorable.

Another aspect:

A day turn into night and hence forth days goes on.
People one day so close and another day no more close.

Our friends of all times from childhood to the elder age are our siblings. Parents and Bros and Sis.
Friends other than this Circle are also precious for everyone. Helping with our any interest.

Find wait and have someone who says and means to you this :)

Something I found Inspiring :)

And above all one should not judge you and rather let you judge your action to yourself.

Teacher and Teaching

Teacher and Teaching:

Starting with our religion preaching: IQRA Bismi Rabikalazi and other verse IQRA wa RabuhulAkram.

Revelation of Quran begin with word Iqra. Quran the word of Almighty Allah for all time and mankind is the book of Wisdom and truths for all walks of life.

Holy Quran and Hadith emphasis on reading writing and acting upon with consistent practice and preaching. This all done by TEACHING and the TEACHERS.
Here comes the topic which is teaching.
Role of teachers in our society and how noble and important teachers are for a society.

Teachers are core and soul of a society. And if me not wrong a society developed by teachers. If you want to judge or predict future of a nation then you need to have a look to the living and spirit of teachers and how the nation entertain their teachers and how good living style of the bulders of a nation. Long story short a nation growths pivotal shear comes from teachers.

Question: Living standards we have given to our teachers?
What are the benefits given to teachers for joining this noble occupation?
Are we making teaching a business now a days especially in Pakistan Culture?
Our leaders,teachers,parents,doctors,lawyers obviously every category of nation develops by teachers and spent a great shear of time with them.

Other then materialistic benefits how much we do respect our teachers.how many times a university students stood shoulder to shoulder for a cause?

Obviously there are people and organization working for the good of this profession. And right now me point is not criticizing the business perspective. Only concern is to join this noble profession for a cause other then earn for living.

Believe me or not but when we start understanding the place of a teacher and teaching in a society or nation we will be pioneers of times.
What all I see is the one problem of our many problems is today problems.
Leave the Government and other NGOs and other people for the sake of this occupation but start respecting this profession from heart and do share to people around. What our religion teaches us and how it will be beneficial for our Culture and Society.

Workout on this only IDEA :
WHY ME : Please forget this word and Say TRY ME .

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Encircling and Empowering me and people around me

MY mind home of many random thoughts :

Encircling and empowering me around me and people around me :

I worked on this blog a little on very start I was not expecting so many visits still not a good number but for me its enough as i have not shared any technical things or used any SEO or add Google AdSense.
But this experience is going well :)

Though I am new to blogging but I like to mark foot steps to this new world:
Yeah marking footstep to this new world :)
Its still new to me :D

By every passing day I want to learn and write more and more ....
Though nothing is around perfection and cant be ...
Just an effort i put here to bring few ideas and share good things which make people life bit better not bitter ...

What i always thinking for our Country Pakistan : Day by day we are moving somewhere we should not ... though we are learning and earning but never put a single step collectively being a nation to eradicate any basic issue of any sort but still many individuals hoping and working on levels they have and with resources they posses.

There was a Muslims were leading world and today we are way behind the world around ... Just copying and pasting though its not bad thing to do but making it a habit is not good to follow :)

Like every or i can say most of Pakistani we are not professional by choice just did what we were asked to do or people around were doing :)

I have an opinion as we can see crises on all horizons today with all walks of life but its a good sign if we study story of any nation though am not a good reader and never given enough time to reading good things or available around but We are going good apart from blood shedding and load shedding ... There is always a room for improvement but things are not going worst i know very well a lost of a single soul is equal to lost of humanity but many thing we cant stop but on last step as our religion preaches we stop or we condemned it or at least and last we think its not good or bad ...

One more thing i ever use to think we or especially me not much focus about things around and same is the case for our nation being part of a nation am just trying to improve and provoke people around to at least don't sit idle just do any thing please because we know only thing empty mind is home of devel :)
Its a fact so all we need to either put some word somewhere on www corner or your social media as we have habit of doing so and bring some changes individually to our people being volunteer ...

And please one more thing worth sharing :

Do not think always you need a platform to do this or that whatever available just go ahead because with the passage of time things will be shaped and will be working for you : all you need is to put one step in millions and this is a distinction though a very small step but you need to trust you ...

About me i just like writing sometimes , though I am not good writer and have a very small space of juggling with words but rainbow of words make me happy and appealing :)

Continued ... !!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Justice and Peace

Justice is the benchmark for all walks of a society and system. And peace provides an environment to flourish under umbrella of Justice. In nature you will find harmony in a system by these two elements.
If you remove these two elements from any systems you will remain with a desert of sand nothing like humanity or civilizations or culture.

The only slogan for our nation should be Justice and Peace.

I do not want to color this with any political and religious domain. Above current Judiciary and political systems in Pakistan. the only thing solve all problems by means of sacrifices of few.

Honestly Judiciary in Pakistan never worked the way it should. Even our nation given sacrifices of blood and hardship for Its restoration. Our nation is always looted on many names but never gifted other than personal interests of few. In a day from home to office or any business center either on Public transport to sophisticated vehicle if you have eyes and heart you will see nothing called Justice. Justice became an element of business it can be bought, purchased or resell. Please come on its not an allegation. A day with open eyes will make you realize it and being nation we do hundred of mistakes because it We and I thinking all times.

One more thing i want to add: if you gone through a Court case and aware how the procedure adopted: you will be fully aware of the delay and i will say Truck ki Bati Justice system*. Any case filed will take not days it will take years for a simple crime or dispute. Dear Justice Governors if systems are not working the way they should you can amend them as per the society need. Justice needed for a poor and how can a poor can go to Thanna or kichari or Supreme Court What a Judiciary System we have ... I have not seen people talking about Justice or Judiciary. Why Why and Whats going on .... A poor to mediocre is in pain and we cant wait all times for Farishta Sift* Justice/Doctor/Engineer/Politician or Governor. We need to change in this system so that it can not be looted or altered by any means.

Modification: Our Justice System And CJP are all part of this System. Ok Look around and have you seen any decision of any case what so ever in Pakistan. Either the victim himself part of the Government or Judiciary. Unfortunately i have not seen any decision for last 20years against any case filed. So they are all part of it.

Please adopt and share only two rules Justice and Peace. Our religious book, books and other books all emphasize on Justice and Peace.

I pray and people around to pray and adopt and make it a culture and norm of US to do Justice and Peace in homes and out of homes.

Stay Blessed :)

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