Humanity is mother of all Emotions

A different look:

You may have seen many relationship and time gone but what stay behind and stand with you is humanity.

May be a blood relation even fades away but ever you get a bigger helping hand in terms of care is humanity. I have seen families on boom smiling and cheering faces with happiness and full of colors. And faces with gloom and sadness of times. Relationship: a strength and weakness and humanity is our life time partner. Relationship: a joy and a pain but again humanity remains. Relationship need time and health but  humanity stands always with open arms. No matter how long run and how fast you move on road of life but one day you will need humanity around. humanity the only trait and benchmark of a human being seldom you look in people with necks high and straight.

Human by Virtue of our Humanity


It is your actions, not your words, that define you as a human being…
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Humanity is mother of all emotions in words as well in world of actions. throw your glasses of ME and put glasses of time and watch around the people and live a human life full of humanity. Humanity in not only a emotion but a virtue of a religion.

Giving ur life to fight for humanity is hard work + sometimes traumatic but the benefits are immense.

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