Kashmir Podcast: Highlighting the voices of Kashmir

Kashmir Podcast: Highlighting the voices of Kashmir

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Transcript of the voice message:

I am the creator of Kashmir Podcast. I came up with this idea after seeing the Kashmir dispute being debated and discussed constantly without the inclusion of the Kashmiri voice. The citizens and children of those born in Kashmir (Indian Occupied Kashmir, Azad Kashmir); play an important role in this dispute. They are also multi-faceted humans; who despite the conflict, have managed to follow their dreams and advocate for others as well. I started this podcast with the intent to provide a platform to highlight the Kashmiri Voice, to highlight the stories of Kashmiris living in Kashmir as well as Kashmiri diaspora all around the world.

Kashmir is the most militarized region in the world. In between two nuclear nations; India and Pakistan, who both hold power in the international arena. Kashmir is important to discuss because a nuclear war would affect everyone on this planet. I wish to empower Kashmiris; men and women to join me to amplify our voices and our stories.

We will be talking about controversial topics. Some stories may be graphic or violent and may not be suitable for children to hear. This is not a religious based or political based project; rather a public platform that stands for inclusivity, freedom of expression and diverse views. No hate based views will be shared in order to maintain the goal of this project; to instill unity and progress.
Storytelling is powerful. Powerful stories propelled nations to wage war through the use of manipulative media storytelling. Many countries were liberated due to the awareness brought by positive storytelling

I want everyone to be able to share their stories; negative and positive experiences, their struggles, their passions, their ideas and their opinions. This is a safe space; no photos, no names are shared unless you wish to provide it.Anonymity is power when journalists are constantly killed and Kashmiri voices are constantly monitored, taken down and ignored. Many still living under occupation may be fearful for their safety after speaking out.

Another reason to provide the option to remain anonymous is to provide a safe space for women to speak up. Women are the most neglected group in the political arena, yet women are used as weapons of war through gendered violence, systematic rape and more. I want to encourage women to share their stories anonymously if they wish to escape from the fear of societal judgement.
This podcast is open to all genders, all religious backgrounds and all cultures; but I want to amplify the Kashmiri voice. The benefit of audio submissions are that elders and many who aren’t tech savvy may also share their voice by simply speaking.

We will be releasing topics as talking points on a regular basis. If you have a story for any topic we are working on, or you have any additional ideas, topics, or stories to share. Please send your audio to KashmirPodcast@gmail.com Try to keep it under 5 minutes, and try to speak as loudly and clearly as possible.

You may speak in English, Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Farsi and Spanish currently as we will only be able to provide translations for these languages currently. Later on, we may be able to accept more submissions in other languages. All your emails and private information are confidential, and after sending a submission, you will be emailed back a contract from us; guaranteeing your confidentiality unless you choose not to be anonymous.

I apologize for the audio quality, as we will be collecting audio submissions from all around the world, most likely recorded through phones; therefor the quality of recordings may not be the best. I will be improving on this as we go, but I want to reiterate that audio quality is not of the utmost importance here; but a fully inclusive platform where Kashmiri's can debate, share their stories and let their voices be heard is the purpose of this podcast.

Thank you.

Kashmir Podcast

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