Everyday is an opportunity

Everyone of us is blessed with an opportunity every day, to strengthen our relationship to Allah Almighty; our good, fair and honest relationship as a muslim with everyone else including people close and far. 

Our sincere efforts to keep connecting with the people as a building block of our faith rather on the basis of our needs or interests. To connect to even those who disconnect you, to show mercy to those who show no mercy to you. We have to review ourselves as who we are, who our leader is and what is our purpose in life. We either get consumed as fuel for this life or we prepare and put our efforts on the good path. Do we appreciate a culture of listening first before speaking; a culture to facilitate to find answers of our problems and questions we face daily, to be open and fair, to rectify ourselves and to get help to be rectified. We need guidance more and more with the passage of time, everyone of us facing a challenge meanwhile we are blessed with life and opportunities to act. We must act with forbearance, tolerance and with mercy. It is not about right and wrong mostly or how we perceive matters individually but its about our togetherness. This is about our complete picture, seeing humanity as one entity collectively. 

We must ponder more to learn how to be good and less selfish. To make an effort at least to facilitate on every possible level even if its just to boost morale for another’s path, or brainstorm for goodness even in one’s career or faith. We must keep the cycle going which brings positivity, hope and a collective social responsibility to act for goodness for all. Knowledge and seeking the path to learning is our utmost priority and to facilitate growth especially to those around us.

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