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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moon, Light and I

Bright and delight are alright and so right in twilight

Clear is the sky and dazzling are stars or moon is so bright

Continuity is made by counts of continuity and what counts are made of

Huger is beautiful that’s a free teacher in times of no ways to ways to possibilities of no counts

Words and sometimes no words make a difference

Speak silently make no sense but silence have language make a clear sense

I could object the object and the non-object but if non did object to I why should me object the all

All are stones but all are different in worth, all are human and equal but they are so different if one could realize

Though all are here living or non-living with equality but still all are not so equal in worth

This world will be so worthless if humans dnt worth it by living

The word crystal clear so tiny to express the purity of heart and emotion to define the purity

Eyes take you to the land that none of the existence ever mark the foot marks of sight and imagination ever

Words could never ever sufficient to express the emotions of human in all times

This human is so beautiful and generous that give importance to things around

Things in all world are so lonely if human dnt give them worth

This world is so alone and idle if human dnt live in it

Could words ever express the soothe in moon light when moon is all alone in wide sky in night so bright :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

30 Facts About Pakistan


 Pakistan has the largest ambulance organization in the world (EDHI)
 Shundur has world highest polo ground
 The highest railway station of Asia is in Pakistan
 K2 is the 2nd highest peak of the world
 NADRA is one of the largest organization in the country
 Largest producer of chickpeas.
 Fourth largest broadband internet system of world is in Pakistan
 Second largest salt mines of the world are Khewra Mines in Pakistan
 About 50% of the world's footballs are made in Pakistan
 Pakistan has world's youngest civil judge, Muhammad Illyas
 The youngest certified Microsoft technology specialist is a Pakistani who is only 12 years old.
 Pakistan has sixth largest population in the world.
 Pakistan's national anthem tune ranks first in the top three tunes of the world
 Pakistan is notable for having one of the best trained airforce pilots in the world
 Sixth nuclear power of the world
 Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear power
 Pakistani armed force s are internationally ranked sixth largest in the world by 2010
 Population of Pakistan is larger than Russia
 World's largest deep sea port is Gawadar in Pakistan
 World's largest irrigation system is in Pakistan
 About 1.7 million refugees from Afghanistan live in Pakistan
 The national side won the ICC World Cup in 1992
 In 1971, there was a civil war in East Pakistan that led to the creation of Bangladesh.
 The official and national sport of Pakistan is hockey
 96% of the population are Muslims. Just over 1.5% are Christians.
 Pakistan became an Islamic republic in 1956.
 Pakistan have cold, dry winters and hot, wet summers.
 Pakistan has the sixth largest military force in the world.
 Pakistan has the second largest Muslim population in the world. It is second to Indonesia.
 Thar Desert is the 18th largest desert in the world

And there is huge list could be made:

Karachi 8th Largest city of the world

These are the reason world do not want Peace in Pakistan :) Ending with Pakistan Anthem.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Thought of the Friday

You are not firm in faith
You are surely not firm in faith


Love for son
Love for mother
Love of country
Love for any relationship
Love for Things
Love for events
Love for matters
Love for issues
Love for your most beloved person or thing or matter

is lower than THE LOVE OF GOD

And you could never be firm in faith unless GOD come Prior to any other existence and matter.

And Surely its prove could be seen around you
And above all the difference between our saying and doing (actions, speaking, acting, thinking, behaving) is needed to overcome and needed to be no difference. And Surely you are alive and surely you could make the difference by your coming breath and life. if you have not did what you means or want THE GOOD just begin it now and do it now. All we say everyday that its never to late to do good, and all we are sure that there is not assure next moment in this transitory life and very short tiny life. Still we have hopes and expectation that have no ending and end less.

Come on
Look into the life and look around the life and look the days and nights
Look to the flowers
Look to the clouds
Look to stars
Look to the larva
Look to the life when there was no life and after a life again comes no life

And Remember happening and occurrence is not going to stop even you stop looking or observing around.

This Time and your age is not going to stop if you stop or if you do not exist in this life and transform or gone to another eternal one.

God Created every bit of occurrence and happening and God is The Only Who Knows Well and Everything.

Wake Up
Wake Up

Its not the first call you heard this time to Wake Up but who could say its last or not.

The moment and ticking of seconds and breaths will keep on going with alerts and messages round the arm of clock and your breath but its us who kept on ignoring and postponing and suppressing all alarms like we use to do while awaking in morning :)

And Remember and may be and surely you are well aware its was you that come alone and it was you that will surely and absolutely go alone. What you say and do you have to pay today or tomorrow or the very next coming moment. and as well you have to pay hereafter.

Who and I never seen a single who is living from ever-since or eternal But GOD ONLY is ALIVE from the time when there was nothing and Will Remain when there will be nothing.

We get arrogant and live with elegance and perfection and even we know we could never. Even we are very sure we are so weak and so weak.

Had you or have you seen a person called your sibling or not sibling dying very next to you and every you have every bit of wonder of heal and equipment and you could not help out and the one going though could not help him/her out.

Remember we are so tiny and so so weak and helpless if one could help us or assist us or heal us or cure us or raise us or send us to this world or take us back from this world or WILL surely See us or Will surely Meet us.
The One

The Creator of all matter existence and non existence: All what we see, learn, hear, smell, or we do not or we could not or we could never or we could ever is all is From God.

May be its your first reminder
Or May be its mine or your Last one :)

Look up to HIM and bow down to HIM
You have only two positions to make yourself heal and cured. and to right and to left and to forward and behind you only could move with the Will of God. and When you give your will with your will to GOD Will, God Will absolutely and surely is BEST in Taking Care and Healing and Curing but with that Firm believe you need a strive and a work with passion that there is always a way from HIM you have to see or you want to see and surely you will be blessed sooner or later.

Hope and Wish and Pray

Allah Almighty Bless you all and keep you close to HIM.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rohingya Burma Videos

To the people of world: This is exactly what happened many times back in history and every time we were silent and we were so powerless and voice less. At least know the truth. and there is nothing bad to write and talk about people who are so voice less under these circumstance when they are force to leave their homes and lands and people. This is oppression of all times. The same happened in Pak-India separation and the same happened in Waziristan and Swat operation. To those they have not seen it its time to see it what and how exactly happened.

Rohingya " BURMA - The Untold Story "

Thingyan 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reasons of our social issues

Do you know why we have so many Social Issue, and even we know we do not talk about. and even sometimes we talk about but we not eradicate and practice good in our societies, Cultures and norms and values.

Affliction is mainly due to this we made our life so horrible by our own actions. We could live with water but in a single day we spent a lot on multiple drinks. and even without any knowledge what they have like ingredients or formula or chemical composition or organic or inorganic etc.

Similarly cloths, cars, even glass and shoes and chocolates :)
When we go beyond the necessity lines we are oppressor to the nature.
We could not defend or do justice or explain a single grain of rice we waste during any ceremony or event or a drink or a loaf or anything edible.

When you will look around we made our lives difficult ourselves.

The Celebrations the events and occasions,

The Religion make us understand to make all events and your life so simple. so simple and easy for you. But we are oppressor to ourselves and all our life our worryness are things.

This is an understanding and there is a fine line between necessity and not necessity. When we cross this line, we not only do wrong with ourselves we do wrong to others to as we are setting a pattern and a norm to be followed.

When in society each member like with responsibility care about these aspects. First and utmost you do justice with things and than you are doing a just with a society in terms of norms.

Especially in sub continent that is effected by natives :)

Are deeply effected by so many norms which are not part of any religion.








Stand with and Speak Truth

And this list goes on.

By closing eyes or not talking about facts is also not only negligence but also bad deed. We could start these practices from us and our life and our family and our society and hence forth we set examples.

Its a do die condition right now in right now time
Because if you do not start it with the next moment you read this writing you could never do it. And surely you could never do it if you could not begin it now. Everyone is surely living this life for once :) a truth all know. and everyone have a very clear idea that no one knows the next moment is their last. :)

Things to do are live your life with honesty and without lies. Do not lie to you and do not let other speak lie to you. Its nothing about Ideal People or Ideal State or Ideal Society. We are all human beings. and humanity is a common relationship among all cultures norms and societies and values. And humanity taught us live with true values. and living with truth for a single breath is far better sleeping thousands of night with loud lies.

All about said is not connected to anyone other than yourself.
Honestly its not connected to anyone. Its only About You.
Its yours story
Its Really your and mine story
Its us who need to be honest with us.
The day you are honest with yourself you could not dishonest with anyone else.

Things to do live with truth.
Simplicity in nature as well we need to follow and practice simplicity in our lives and occasions and events. I am repeating it again and again as i felt and realize this is the common issue.

This is the major reason of the issues in societies as we do not want the truth. and we do not swallow the truth and we do not want to live with Truth.

Hard work and dedication comes with honesty and both said are part of a faith.

A thing i learned during the death of my grandmother:
All my life i was understanding faith. All happening and occurrence occur with the WILL of ALLAH. I was in pain and grief. Like if happiness comes from God. there is no doubt relief comes from GOD. I was in pain all that week but the moment we buried her and return from the grave yard there was  a piece from GOD. Happiness all our lives are blessed by ALLAH and surely the grief and after grief the soothe is also Come from God.

That makes your Faith more Firm on God Existence. and Make your connection to God more stronger. and these happiness and grieves make you more close to GOD.

This was so beautiful. Those moment you spent with the one who is about to meet GOD very soon.

I could remember those moments during unconscious of her I was holding her hand and praying to God for her. and a single final tear came out of her eyes and she was sleeping like a deep sleep. and those four to five hours of my life was like the best shot like the milestone when you send back your mother back to Creator hands in hands. Full of tears but surely prayers was about her next life and Praying all possible to ALLAH that O Allah take care of my mother as i have nothing remain.
And that moment i was only thinking that only bad things in mothers they die a day. Really a motherhood to a women after giving birth to a kid is blessed by God. but its very hard when you have to say Good Bye to your mother and surely at that moment I was thinking about Muhammad PBUH and His Mother RA, Her Death and tragic and grief he gone through.
Above all that is also a blessing to be very close to your elders and look after them and take care of them and Depart them with smiles and this is blessing. I realize few things more when a person is about to die, God cure her/him very close to the departure. All parameters get normal suddenly as Angel of Death is ready to take the soul out of the body. and surely when you pray to GOD. God shows you what all you want to see. and surely without any doubt this world is a place you can get whatever you want to have but with faith and with purity of prayers and connection to GOD.
Painful things could be bless and blissful.

And your Lord has decreed that you not worship except Him, and to parents, good treatment. Whether one or both of them reach old age [while] with you, say not to them [so much as], "uff," and do not repel them but speak to them a noble word.

اور تمہارے پروردگار نے ارشاد فرمایا ہے کہ اس کے سوا کسی کی عبادت نہ کرو اور ماں باپ کے ساتھ بھلائی کرتے رہو۔ اگر ان میں سے ایک یا دونوں تمہارے سامنے بڑھاپے کو پہنچ جائیں تو اُن کو اُف تک نہ کہنا اور نہ انہیں جھڑکنا اور اُن سے بات ادب کے ساتھ کرنا

And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, "My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small."

اور عجزو نیاز سے ان کے آگے جھکے رہو اور ان کے حق میں دعا کرو کہ اے پروردگار جیسا انہوں نے مجھے بچپن میں (شفقت سے) پرورش کیا ہے تو بھی اُن (کے حال) پر رحمت فرما

Your Lord is most knowing of what is within yourselves. If you should be righteous [in intention] - then indeed He is ever, to the often returning [to Him], Forgiving.

جو کچھ تمہارے دلوں میں ہے تمہارا پروردگار اس سے بخوبی واقف ہے۔ اگر تم نیک ہوگے تو وہ رجوع لانے والوں کو بخش دینے والا ہے


My observations during that time are my ways for the rest of breaths. I wish and pray blessings on all who are gone to other world and all about to go and all will go surely :)

That day you listen this truth and you admit it how could it possible you do unjust with other !!! Really how could it possible you could lie and Really how could it be possible you could to bribery or dishonesty and backbite or live with arrogance or elegance or be elite when you are witness all those who were blessed were all poor and simple people. and when you are surely there is a next permanent life and in any next moment its about to come, how you could not be good in manners and values and ethics. How could you see people who are doing what and who are going where ? When you are not sure about the very next moment you will surely get ready with luggage you necessary for the hereafter and that luggage is nothing called objects or matters.

That Luggage is your deeds and actions. None of the machine manual or electronic could gauge your actions and deeds but they are purely as per purification reach to God and God is the Only who could and Who surely and Who Absolutely is the Best Returner of our actions and deeds.

A deed is a deed its could never be small or big.
For example for a person trillion of coins are everything and may be for a person sitting next those trillion of coins are nothing. so to God nothing is big or small God only see how pure and dedicated you are and how firm you are in faith to do a good deed even removing a tiny stone in middle of a road or even removing a thorn from someone cloths or road or guiding direction to someone who is lost or guiding or training how to write or read or any deed.

When you do thing without any expectation or return this is the job of Humans and this is called Humanity. Your pain is my pain and your grief is my grief and your son is my son and your problem is my problem. We know we could not resolve all issues but sometimes your single word worth those trillion coins.

You Will with the Will of God and Faith in God is they way you have to opt sooner or later as you are not sure about later so join it now. as they very next moment you could expect but you are not sure so Live it close to GOD as you come from God and eventually you have to meet God. After a Breath or after a wink of eye or a second or thousands of years. But surely and without any doubt none could confirm or assure you how many moments you are left with. Decision is your as well the life and breaths but none knows how much or how many. Decide it now and do the change you want from others. Be the Change You want from others and be others so other could be you. and try to stay close to God as He is surely close to every living or non living.

So worry about God not about people because first question is you not them. worry and think about you and the moment you conquer others will be good soon. this is the building block of any society.

Being units of human kind we need to do correct small things and sooner Huge things and Big things will be corrected by GOD. Again rectify the small matters that you could and rest will surely be fine. When you are correct and  on truth life you could surely decide good and bad. :)

I wish and Pray to God for all people that Allah Bless us with HIS blessings and Bliss and Mercy as He is Only Merciful and Beneficent.

God Bless you all.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Few Words

I wrote these words while sitting in Hospital. I want each reader to pray for my grandmother/Nani that was my mother too. She died few days back.

Do pray for her that May Allah rest her in Peace in Jannah.

The first word of Quran is IQRA that means Read. The Creator of all creatures sent all Holy Books to understand and to follow and let other know the Word and Message of God.

In all our life if we kept reading a little or more but consistent our life will be easy and trouble free.

Quran very start is with praises and appreciation so when you begin conversation or a meeting you praise and appreciate other will make you ways easy and remove the communication bridges and barriers. Secondly be honest to yourself. When you speak truth your life will be surely easy because when you are honest with the being called YOU surely you will be speaking truth with others as well the honesty.

And when you lie for thing not done or never happened first you are not honest with you than with others and than all creatures witness that you lied and with passage of time your conscious as well while passing time that lie come to you again and again. And once you lie single it do not have an end it keep on going and you subconscious try to wake you but under the loud of the lies its strength is so weaken. So try to live with truth with yourself and others.

Society is made by us. So what you want people to do with you exactly same you need to do with people. If you want sympathy, mercy, truth, justice, rights and care than do it to people and in return people will surely do that or at-least or at max, The Creator and creatures are witness to your goodness and best of behavior with people. Surely that goodness and virtue will meet us in passing time. As time itself is a creature and witness of events and deeds.

You will see human are so less in humanity. You will see people trying to do justice without justice and fair. Thing to understand is: The Creator do mercy on us and anyone in entire existence of all creatures could not asked or say or stand to Creator that he did justice and he wants a justice of all his deeds. Long story short be merciful when you want the same from Allah.

Try to remain in touch with all breaths to Creator and that will surely lead you to connect with creatures as well the people.

As its known that common sense is uncommon similarly we humanity is no common in humanity.

All we need to wake and utilize humanity in our days and night and all life.

As the all existence and no existence are working on simple rules like punctual, justice and fair. Similarly we need to be punctual and do justice with our deeds and with a purpose. As in entire existence and no existence there is nothing called purposeless its only us who have no idea or knowledge of that.

And to be punctual all you need to follow Creator commands. prayer that is in specific timings and when you follow them you are automatically synch with the time of life like day and night and time.

Truth speaks and defend for its truthfulness.

Honesty is not only the best policy but a way to be followed on way you follow.

Professions are with purpose and without purpose you will surely remain lost in purposeless and hollow.

With a purpose you will be surely blessed and full of joy. And when that purpose is universal truth of purpose called living for others or helping eventually people will help you apparently but its Creator who help us when we have an intention to help others with knowledge and with purpose. What you want will be surely given to us soon or later all we need is patience and purpose.

In very start of Quran its written as this is a Book which has no doubts and guidance for those who are pious. Like those who want to follow the straight-path that is live with truth and do justice and do abstain from bad. And here is another thing to understand try to correct yourself in very small things and matters and rest will be automatically corrected by Creator. All you need is desire. And a very powerful desire to be true. With this desire and spark of to be true, you will be blessed with the way called straight-path all you need to correct all small things, issues matter you could. But very first do not ignore those you could rectify yourself.

With the will you have a way. With Will and desire you are living with a purpose.

That purpose is exactly the same as all nature is living on.

Faith says all happening is with the WILL of Creator. So we get purified by tests like with money, happiness as well tragedy or grief. We need to remain a human with humanity in all circumstances. Because we could never be owner of anything we could only keep things and matters for a while or for a time.

Its was not us who lead us to this world and it could never be us who lead us to the eternal world. If the living and dying right or decision given to us we surely killed us several time during a day. So Creator given us selection of path. Like choose the one right path with wisdom and fair deal. Like every human being is different from other even looks all are same.

And same rule is on all other creatures. Like trees, animals, or angels or clouds etc.

We all live in time frames but still our life time period or frame is not the same.

Similarly we are all human being have an immune system but not all have similar weakness of defense against same disease. So bottom line is we are all same but different. We could not dose all the same like one did mistake and you expelled all group or class but all you need to do justice. One is victim so one should be given a remedy or cure for a disease. Like if one is culprit you will put penalty on one not on all group.

There may be a difference of opinion. one thing is safety and other things is a cure. Safety comes to all but cure or punishment come to a victim. Similarly rules are same but implementation is little different as per case or issue or matter. Like as per the subject because that could be different.

Faith leads you to truth and truth lead you to straight-path and that lead you to happiness and the true one.

We being human do not look for words but we are always worry for our own happiness. And Creator put our happiness in happiness of others.

We try to find happiness on all world but that happiness exist right in us. Right is us means your heart and soul. Those lead you surely to The Creator.

You could not be good or happy till The Love of God is above all other love and affection. When you will love God he will surely Return you love in abundance. And surely with soothe and satisfaction.

One may try to find or have it for short satisfaction in things, but it could only sustain for long when its with faith.

Stay blessed and stay connected to God 24/7 with each breath because when there was no breath God was there and when there will be no breath God will be There.



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