Moon, Light and I

Bright and delight are alright and so right in twilight

Clear is the sky and dazzling are stars or moon is so bright

Continuity is made by counts of continuity and what counts are made of

Huger is beautiful that’s a free teacher in times of no ways to ways to possibilities of no counts

Words and sometimes no words make a difference

Speak silently make no sense but silence have language make a clear sense

I could object the object and the non-object but if non did object to I why should me object the all

All are stones but all are different in worth, all are human and equal but they are so different if one could realize

Though all are here living or non-living with equality but still all are not so equal in worth

This world will be so worthless if humans dnt worth it by living

The word crystal clear so tiny to express the purity of heart and emotion to define the purity

Eyes take you to the land that none of the existence ever mark the foot marks of sight and imagination ever

Words could never ever sufficient to express the emotions of human in all times

This human is so beautiful and generous that give importance to things around

Things in all world are so lonely if human dnt give them worth

This world is so alone and idle if human dnt live in it

Could words ever express the soothe in moon light when moon is all alone in wide sky in night so bright :)

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