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I wrote these words while sitting in Hospital. I want each reader to pray for my grandmother/Nani that was my mother too. She died few days back.

Do pray for her that May Allah rest her in Peace in Jannah.

The first word of Quran is IQRA that means Read. The Creator of all creatures sent all Holy Books to understand and to follow and let other know the Word and Message of God.

In all our life if we kept reading a little or more but consistent our life will be easy and trouble free.

Quran very start is with praises and appreciation so when you begin conversation or a meeting you praise and appreciate other will make you ways easy and remove the communication bridges and barriers. Secondly be honest to yourself. When you speak truth your life will be surely easy because when you are honest with the being called YOU surely you will be speaking truth with others as well the honesty.

And when you lie for thing not done or never happened first you are not honest with you than with others and than all creatures witness that you lied and with passage of time your conscious as well while passing time that lie come to you again and again. And once you lie single it do not have an end it keep on going and you subconscious try to wake you but under the loud of the lies its strength is so weaken. So try to live with truth with yourself and others.

Society is made by us. So what you want people to do with you exactly same you need to do with people. If you want sympathy, mercy, truth, justice, rights and care than do it to people and in return people will surely do that or at-least or at max, The Creator and creatures are witness to your goodness and best of behavior with people. Surely that goodness and virtue will meet us in passing time. As time itself is a creature and witness of events and deeds.

You will see human are so less in humanity. You will see people trying to do justice without justice and fair. Thing to understand is: The Creator do mercy on us and anyone in entire existence of all creatures could not asked or say or stand to Creator that he did justice and he wants a justice of all his deeds. Long story short be merciful when you want the same from Allah.

Try to remain in touch with all breaths to Creator and that will surely lead you to connect with creatures as well the people.

As its known that common sense is uncommon similarly we humanity is no common in humanity.

All we need to wake and utilize humanity in our days and night and all life.

As the all existence and no existence are working on simple rules like punctual, justice and fair. Similarly we need to be punctual and do justice with our deeds and with a purpose. As in entire existence and no existence there is nothing called purposeless its only us who have no idea or knowledge of that.

And to be punctual all you need to follow Creator commands. prayer that is in specific timings and when you follow them you are automatically synch with the time of life like day and night and time.

Truth speaks and defend for its truthfulness.

Honesty is not only the best policy but a way to be followed on way you follow.

Professions are with purpose and without purpose you will surely remain lost in purposeless and hollow.

With a purpose you will be surely blessed and full of joy. And when that purpose is universal truth of purpose called living for others or helping eventually people will help you apparently but its Creator who help us when we have an intention to help others with knowledge and with purpose. What you want will be surely given to us soon or later all we need is patience and purpose.

In very start of Quran its written as this is a Book which has no doubts and guidance for those who are pious. Like those who want to follow the straight-path that is live with truth and do justice and do abstain from bad. And here is another thing to understand try to correct yourself in very small things and matters and rest will be automatically corrected by Creator. All you need is desire. And a very powerful desire to be true. With this desire and spark of to be true, you will be blessed with the way called straight-path all you need to correct all small things, issues matter you could. But very first do not ignore those you could rectify yourself.

With the will you have a way. With Will and desire you are living with a purpose.

That purpose is exactly the same as all nature is living on.

Faith says all happening is with the WILL of Creator. So we get purified by tests like with money, happiness as well tragedy or grief. We need to remain a human with humanity in all circumstances. Because we could never be owner of anything we could only keep things and matters for a while or for a time.

Its was not us who lead us to this world and it could never be us who lead us to the eternal world. If the living and dying right or decision given to us we surely killed us several time during a day. So Creator given us selection of path. Like choose the one right path with wisdom and fair deal. Like every human being is different from other even looks all are same.

And same rule is on all other creatures. Like trees, animals, or angels or clouds etc.

We all live in time frames but still our life time period or frame is not the same.

Similarly we are all human being have an immune system but not all have similar weakness of defense against same disease. So bottom line is we are all same but different. We could not dose all the same like one did mistake and you expelled all group or class but all you need to do justice. One is victim so one should be given a remedy or cure for a disease. Like if one is culprit you will put penalty on one not on all group.

There may be a difference of opinion. one thing is safety and other things is a cure. Safety comes to all but cure or punishment come to a victim. Similarly rules are same but implementation is little different as per case or issue or matter. Like as per the subject because that could be different.

Faith leads you to truth and truth lead you to straight-path and that lead you to happiness and the true one.

We being human do not look for words but we are always worry for our own happiness. And Creator put our happiness in happiness of others.

We try to find happiness on all world but that happiness exist right in us. Right is us means your heart and soul. Those lead you surely to The Creator.

You could not be good or happy till The Love of God is above all other love and affection. When you will love God he will surely Return you love in abundance. And surely with soothe and satisfaction.

One may try to find or have it for short satisfaction in things, but it could only sustain for long when its with faith.

Stay blessed and stay connected to God 24/7 with each breath because when there was no breath God was there and when there will be no breath God will be There.



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