What They wrote about Hajiya Bridget Aisha Lemu ?! & Who is she ?!!

Hajiya Bridget Aisha Lemu

What They wrote about  Hajiya Bridget Aisha Lemu ?! & Who is she ?!!

Bashir Mundi :
I have lost my second mother.
We belong to God and to Him is our return.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un.

With the passing of the great Hajiya Bridget Aisha Lemu, on Saturday, 5th January, 2019, in Minna, Nigeria, I've lost a second, very loving, and inspirational mother. I am always humbled and pleased that she used to call me her second son.

An accomplished educator and author of several Islamic books used by institutions all around the world, Hajiya continues to influence and inspire millions across generations, genders, nationalities, and creeds. Prayers and deepest condolences to our esteemed father and mentor, Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Lemu, my beloved brother and sister, Ustaz Nuruddeen Lemu and Sister Maryam S. Lemu, and the rest of the Lemu family.

Our deep regards also to the great institutions that she has helped found, the Islamic Education Trust, New Horizons College, FOMWAN, and all those who she has inspired with her remarkable life.

As I grieve feeling alone and far from home, I give gratitude to God that He blessed us and the world with you.

What a beautiful life.

What beautiful soul. Your remarkable life was lived truly as a Sign of God - an Ayah of Allah. I rejoice at the eternal bliss and tranquility that greet you in the Divine Presence of Your Loving Lord. May God color your extraordinary life with values of infinity by His infinite Mercy.

Dearest Mum, may Allah grant you the highest stations in jannat al firdaus, the garden of paradise. Ameen

Your son, Bashir Mundi


Abdul Malik Mujahid
else said om his account on FB :

Just heard from brother Bashir Mundi about the passing away of a great scholar Aisha Lemu in Nigeria. May Allah give her the best.

I had the honor of introducing two of her books about 20 years ago to the US Muslim weekend schools: Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq and Islamic 'Aqidah and Fiqh. Both books are extra-ordinary textbooks for Muslim youth.

Both books were later revised and published by Iqra Foundation in Chicago.

I also promoted her booklet about the Ideal Muslim Husband. It was a unique take.
May Allah bless her and her family and may her book continue to be a source of reward for her.


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