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Neither Words nor actions but heart is home of truth:Love

Neither Words nor actions but heart is home of truth

A home of all ups and downs

A home belongs to thee

A home never cared own-self

A tale you cant change even you are the writer

A story you never know the characters

A pain so deep inside the cores of it

A Nature you never change it

A divine love it has for thee

A rhythm so musical filled with nature

A poem with no stanza and line

A glimpse of unseen around

Still a heart to beat  for thee

A hope after every breath

A word you never spoke-d

A color you never saw

A taste you never taste

A home with no walls 

Walls surround you with warmth

Something beyond frames of time and breaths

Inside flash but a home of emotions

Emotion so deep then the word deep never define-d

A heart culture of emotions

A world unseen but still around

Live in the world it lives all life

A heart :)

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