Encircling and Empowering me and people around me

MY mind home of many random thoughts :

Encircling and empowering me around me and people around me :

I worked on this blog a little on very start I was not expecting so many visits still not a good number but for me its enough as i have not shared any technical things or used any SEO or add Google AdSense.
But this experience is going well :)

Though I am new to blogging but I like to mark foot steps to this new world:
Yeah marking footstep to this new world :)
Its still new to me :D

By every passing day I want to learn and write more and more ....
Though nothing is around perfection and cant be ...
Just an effort i put here to bring few ideas and share good things which make people life bit better not bitter ...

What i always thinking for our Country Pakistan : Day by day we are moving somewhere we should not ... though we are learning and earning but never put a single step collectively being a nation to eradicate any basic issue of any sort but still many individuals hoping and working on levels they have and with resources they posses.

There was a Muslims were leading world and today we are way behind the world around ... Just copying and pasting though its not bad thing to do but making it a habit is not good to follow :)

Like every or i can say most of Pakistani we are not professional by choice just did what we were asked to do or people around were doing :)

I have an opinion as we can see crises on all horizons today with all walks of life but its a good sign if we study story of any nation though am not a good reader and never given enough time to reading good things or available around but We are going good apart from blood shedding and load shedding ... There is always a room for improvement but things are not going worst i know very well a lost of a single soul is equal to lost of humanity but many thing we cant stop but on last step as our religion preaches we stop or we condemned it or at least and last we think its not good or bad ...

One more thing i ever use to think we or especially me not much focus about things around and same is the case for our nation being part of a nation am just trying to improve and provoke people around to at least don't sit idle just do any thing please because we know only thing empty mind is home of devel :)
Its a fact so all we need to either put some word somewhere on www corner or your social media as we have habit of doing so and bring some changes individually to our people being volunteer ...

And please one more thing worth sharing :

Do not think always you need a platform to do this or that whatever available just go ahead because with the passage of time things will be shaped and will be working for you : all you need is to put one step in millions and this is a distinction though a very small step but you need to trust you ...

About me i just like writing sometimes , though I am not good writer and have a very small space of juggling with words but rainbow of words make me happy and appealing :)

Continued ... !!!


MianTariq said...

You are on the right track.
Reading and writing are in need of someone in love with intellectual curiosity.
As a beginner, your style seems ok to me.
Please keep expressing yourself.

Ahsan Jehangir Khan said...

Thank you for encouraging me and visiting on my page :)
Need suggestions as well

CATGIRL !! said...

zahid.. ur blog is really very different..keep it up!
Hey dear! am from Pakistan n was just browsing through good blogs to find smart writers like you to befriend. Nice blog outlook and interesting write-ups. I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
I hope u can be a follower if u like my blog? Don’t forget to comment please !!

Best of Luck for ur blogging

Ahsan Jehangir Khan said...

I am Ahsan :)

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