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Justice and Peace

Justice is the benchmark for all walks of a society and system. And peace provides an environment to flourish under umbrella of Justice. In nature you will find harmony in a system by these two elements.
If you remove these two elements from any systems you will remain with a desert of sand nothing like humanity or civilizations or culture.

The only slogan for our nation should be Justice and Peace.

I do not want to color this with any political and religious domain. Above current Judiciary and political systems in Pakistan. the only thing solve all problems by means of sacrifices of few.

Honestly Judiciary in Pakistan never worked the way it should. Even our nation given sacrifices of blood and hardship for Its restoration. Our nation is always looted on many names but never gifted other than personal interests of few. In a day from home to office or any business center either on Public transport to sophisticated vehicle if you have eyes and heart you will see nothing called Justice. Justice became an element of business it can be bought, purchased or resell. Please come on its not an allegation. A day with open eyes will make you realize it and being nation we do hundred of mistakes because it We and I thinking all times.

One more thing i want to add: if you gone through a Court case and aware how the procedure adopted: you will be fully aware of the delay and i will say Truck ki Bati Justice system*. Any case filed will take not days it will take years for a simple crime or dispute. Dear Justice Governors if systems are not working the way they should you can amend them as per the society need. Justice needed for a poor and how can a poor can go to Thanna or kichari or Supreme Court What a Judiciary System we have ... I have not seen people talking about Justice or Judiciary. Why Why and Whats going on .... A poor to mediocre is in pain and we cant wait all times for Farishta Sift* Justice/Doctor/Engineer/Politician or Governor. We need to change in this system so that it can not be looted or altered by any means.

Modification: Our Justice System And CJP are all part of this System. Ok Look around and have you seen any decision of any case what so ever in Pakistan. Either the victim himself part of the Government or Judiciary. Unfortunately i have not seen any decision for last 20years against any case filed. So they are all part of it.

Please adopt and share only two rules Justice and Peace. Our religious book, books and other books all emphasize on Justice and Peace.

I pray and people around to pray and adopt and make it a culture and norm of US to do Justice and Peace in homes and out of homes.

Stay Blessed :)
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