Teacher and Teaching

Teacher and Teaching:

Starting with our religion preaching: IQRA Bismi Rabikalazi and other verse IQRA wa RabuhulAkram.

Revelation of Quran begin with word Iqra. Quran the word of Almighty Allah for all time and mankind is the book of Wisdom and truths for all walks of life.

Holy Quran and Hadith emphasis on reading writing and acting upon with consistent practice and preaching. This all done by TEACHING and the TEACHERS.
Here comes the topic which is teaching.
Role of teachers in our society and how noble and important teachers are for a society.

Teachers are core and soul of a society. And if me not wrong a society developed by teachers. If you want to judge or predict future of a nation then you need to have a look to the living and spirit of teachers and how the nation entertain their teachers and how good living style of the bulders of a nation. Long story short a nation growths pivotal shear comes from teachers.

Question: Living standards we have given to our teachers?
What are the benefits given to teachers for joining this noble occupation?
Are we making teaching a business now a days especially in Pakistan Culture?
Our leaders,teachers,parents,doctors,lawyers obviously every category of nation develops by teachers and spent a great shear of time with them.

Other then materialistic benefits how much we do respect our teachers.how many times a university students stood shoulder to shoulder for a cause?

Obviously there are people and organization working for the good of this profession. And right now me point is not criticizing the business perspective. Only concern is to join this noble profession for a cause other then earn for living.

Believe me or not but when we start understanding the place of a teacher and teaching in a society or nation we will be pioneers of times.
What all I see is the one problem of our many problems is today problems.
Leave the Government and other NGOs and other people for the sake of this occupation but start respecting this profession from heart and do share to people around. What our religion teaches us and how it will be beneficial for our Culture and Society.

Workout on this only IDEA :
WHY ME : Please forget this word and Say TRY ME .

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