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Few words for beloved Countries and Pakistan

Pakistan is the only #Muslim atomic power in the world and world is full of enemies for an #Islamic nation and they never wished for Pakistan to be prospered and developed. And by all means they are trying to make this country destabilized as they destroyed all other Muslim countries like #iraq , #afghanistan , #syria   , #egypt , #bahrain , #bosniaandherzegovina #bosni    , and Now #burmagenocide   , #rohingya   and continuously against #pakistan   and destabilizing it by all means possible Worst of all is Media

Role of Media in Pakistan:

 Media in world doing the same hidden agenda

And they are using their secret agencies and private contractors for killing innocent people for the name of religion and so called Taliban they are invoking anxiety and disturbance to this nation but still they got no success. Many things get affected by the current disaster in country and social and economic life is badly affected. Government should take serious initiatives towards resolving the issue and balancing the power and resources to all provinces. And utmost is the supremacy of Justice in all country. And promote talented people and bringing positive changes for the betterment of the society and adopting and bringing emerging technology to the country and common man and for these all they should have a plan to eradicate ignorance from this society and provide education at the same level in the rest of country and same education system should be adopted so that in future a fully equipped and educated nation raises and they can take this country to the climax/zenith of prosperity and humanity and pride for Muslims by learning Holy Book and Book of revealing all secrets of universe by the Creator Allah.

Straight Path by

The only Pray i do is to make us Nation and Make us Muslim.

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