Pakistan, Islam and Sacrifices

He is most unfortunate who's today is not better than yesterday.

Muhammad (PBUH)

For a better future: Past should always taken positively

"Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us."

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

People who migrated during Pak-Ind division and sacrificed their lives,assets, property and honor and respect and prestige. How wise those people were even without Degrees and Grades and big institutes of materialism. They seen a dream 60 years ago and we still being so educated and professional in many fields cant have courage to dream for and strive for and give best or everything we own. Honestly we do not wish to have such dreams.
We are such people who sit and keep playing with a toy like breaking it mostly and when its lost we start shouting and weeping for nothing. We do not worth this thing when we have it.
People 60years ago sacrificed there everything even their future, their body and soul and all they own.

But still we believe by keeping our eyes close we are safe and sound and on more thinking No one should awake us or even try to: Or May be we are again waiting for a Halako or Changaiz Khan(Terrorist and Berbers ) to awake us and warm our blood. Better for us to learn from Past and every moment passing.

(Wo log pagal thy jinhoun ny apni jawanian is mulk ko bnany py lga dain apni janain yahan aty huway ganwa dain ... .
Laikin wo log bht h kamal log thy kya soch thi unki wo 60years pehlay soch k ker gay hum to aisa khwab daikhny ki jisarat b nhi kr skty ...humain aisy khwb aty b nhi ...
Hamara haal aisa hy jaisy hy hum sy koi chez chinti hy tb humain ahsaas hota hy per hum bachoun ki tarhan aik aur khilona pakar k baith jaty hain ...Humain wo ahsas h nahi js k lia wo hansty huay apni janain aur apna jageerain aur izatain sb kch is mulk py nisaar kr gay ...
Phr b hum samjhty hain ankhain band kr k sab acha hy ager mjhy koi kch na kahay ...v deserve more thn this God shd send a halako aur chngaiz khan to open our eyes and to warm this blood ... Or let us learn from past ...)

We being the citizen must know the place we are living and the people who sacrificed.

Have you ever felt the waves of pain and joy like going through heart and soul. We Pakistani people have to look for things positively as this country is made for Muslim than say Muslim and live like Muslim and share the values as being Muslim. Live the life as Muhammad PBUH lived and set a benchmark for us.

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