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I will say its a game ...

I will say its a game :
going on around us : 

a radical and most powerful waged and very focused Media war.
Apart from nuclear nukes and weapons:
70% a media war and 30% waging WAR on any name either terrorism or in actual to capture resources on any area on planet earth. Electron Media a hidden weapon and sometime named democracy. History of democracy and history of mankind and all written and spread around by MEN is distorted and changed as per accord and necessity.
To meet an aim and target very deliberately use of media in every part of world. and they are successful for masses.

Part I

We need to workout on our attitude and our culture. Utmost the education and knowledge and religion. Hopefully for future we will sacrifice our today. For any nation to be a nation they have to sacrifice their today to be a nation in future and make life easy for future generations. Obviously when we work for this life we will also work for hereafter. The first step is start thinking and i think our nation is working on first step that they start thinking why and why this all is happening around and this will take us to learn religion and world and make things easy. Hence forth it will un-cover the rumors and controversies prevailed by our of the cloud of electronic media. 

Part II

Well one more thing while watching history and cultures of previous civilization: there is always good and bad, human being always by subconscious know and can differ between right and wrong.

Wars are waged for thrones,resources and obviously on the name of religion or believe/faith.

Part III

Fortunately we are blessed with a Holy Quran which has truths and disclosing everything coming in our way as well all things happened with civilization or people in past.

In all times humanity faced such powers/people with believes like Pharaohs/Spartans/Illuminates etc with believes to rule the world as they are born to rule the world and never imagine they way human being created and how transitory nature life has. But truth disclose the past and remaining of those people and their civilizations are spread on planet earth and make it clear there was and there will be no rule but. Rule and authority of Almighty Allah.

Part IV

One more thing we or i will say I/We forgot: we do not think about source of information around us in most cases like what all media doing around and who owns it and who deliberately spreading wrong and biased information.

Part V

Supremacy of Judiciary/Law is the need of hour and in all times it will remain. In all walks of a political or a democratic system this is the law to keep it above all. This is the only system which will be supreme and it will keep every walk of a system tight and on right track. If in Pakistan this one department will start working as it should ,while exit the Law made by east India company or any other law which is non Islamic in an Islamic country I and everyone can guarantee: may be it will take few years i will say the world will divert and world all economy flow will be diverted to Pakistan . Economy and law are notions of prosperity of a nation.

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