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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Well of Emotions

A Well of Emotions

A Well of Emotions
By: May Rostom
A human being is like a well. A deep well filled with secrets, emotions, stories untold, wounds, dreams, and memories that make him who he is today and got him to where he is now. Each one of us bares a big secret within them.
A single moment in time that was a turning point in their life and their story. A moment that not a lot of people know about (if any).
A moment that no matter how far down they pushed it into that well, always seems to find its way back up to the surface. Whether this moment was of extreme joy or extreme sorrow, it definitely had a great impact on them. Such an immense impact to the extent that they become very talented “liars”. Hiding every emotion, every tear at the corner of their eye; wearing a mask on both the inside and outside just to escape life. Constantly trying to escape bitter reality and that one “moment”; then comes along a special person in their life.
A sister, a partner, or even a friend, carrying a leather bucket -waiting to draw up some of that “water” in the well- becomes their savior.
Someone who stirs up their stagnant emotions and shakes their whole existence. Someone that strips naked and just jumps into that well not fearing the consequence or the fact that they may not be able to get out of that hole dug deep into the ground.
Someone who can never get enough of that well and doesn’t have to wait for it to run dry before they appreciate its existence.
We all need that person in our lives. The one special person who we can open up to and expose our inner selves to. A person who can see right through our fake smile and teary eyes. Just one person who tries to purify the “water” that fills up that well.
When you find that person, let them in. Don't hesitate to be exposed to them for they will never take advantage of you. Don't let go of them no matter what because they will be the light that shines on you from above. Let them know you love them and appreciate them too.
To my “specialperson”: Thank you for being there for me when no one else has, thank you for not being afraid to dive in head first, and thank you for shining your ray of light right through the darkness of my soul.

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