The secret to making powerful decisions

The secret to making powerful decisions

The secret to making powerful decisions is to be able to recognize, and work with, the emotional cues your body creates in order to guide you towards the best decision available (although, sometimes, Bodymind will tell you to wait, or do nothing).

Crudely speaking, your Body will use an emotional reaction to tell you to take one of the following options in relation to your decisions:

1. Go for it now! This is too good to resist.

2. Go for it, but be careful and take your time.

3. Go for it - but get some more information, or get some help, before you take the first step.

4. Do nothing - for now. Wait for a better opportunity.

5. Do nothing. The idea needs substantial revision.

6. Do nothing - ever. This option is not good for you, or for the other people in your charge.

Generally speaking, good decisions will  be backed up by strong, enthusiastic feeliings, while dubious ones will be accompanied by weak, lacklustre, uneasy, uncomfortable reactions.
Source: Secret to making powerful decisions

Emotional intelligence may lead to future predictions like we may observe a kid emotional intelligence and predicts the future.

Our body decides on instincts or emotion behavior of us either we should do something or decide or take any sort of action. A strong body not always have wise decisions but a healthy and a balance body have a strong mind and help him/her making decision while predicting from emotional behavior of body.

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