Everything is in balance ...


Balance between right and wrong
Balance between light and dark
Balance between virtue and evil
V have destroyed harmony of nature by all means ...
We are Muslims but we reduce Islamic syllabus and left with limited content of Islam we are Pakistani but we changed subject from Pakistan studies to social studies ... our national language is Urdu but we think its crap ...
We live a life even far away from religion even do not follow the basic preaching, we even forgot the concept of brotherhood, justice, sacrifice and patience. Even our culture glimpse is far away from Islamic culture . Even we forgot why and how many and much sacrifices lead to this country for Muslims with Muslim values and norms to be observed and followed. Even Islamic culture and values are enrich from any other religion as Islamic rule covered the whole world and Islam emphasizes on seek the knowledge from cradle to grave and its obligatory to every Muslim . We forgot all lessons history taught us and according to me human being only realizes for importance of anything when he lost it ... Need of hour is to basic understanding of religion and being Pakistani realize the responsibility of atomic power to be source of inspiration for other as well to be a role model/benchmark for others.

Few questions remain un answered in my mind always
Why we can't deploy same education in all country ?
Why and who shallow our roots by reducing Pakistan studies subject from early education as well reducing Islamic subject and ironically reducing Islamic basic preaching of Islam. Which friend altering our education syllabus and why we are so fool helping others to making our nation deaf and dump ?

Why telecoms operators made calls so cheap at mid night ?and to destroy rest generation ...
It seems we have no interest to protect our new generation and we are killing them physically as well mentally , we have no control on our media for this have a look to Cable operators and do have a look what they are spreading and how deeply it get penetrated in our social systems , we are breeding a nation with slave mind and socially confuse and infected with verity of social values but far away from Islamic values and heritage ..
In this critical time if i can see only one department which is working honestly for the betterment of this nation a little is judiciary specially Lahore high court but their few acts were confused like facebook blockage in all country but i think it should take it internationally and file a case against facebook which violated their terms and conditions as well many user privacy concerns and they shared user information to third party without user permissions for business purpose.
My only question to us, why we are so puppet why so deaf and dumb and whats more important to us, our religion or so called social networking ?
Will we define our social norms and values for us or we will follow like facebook CEO mark said " now we are social norms " so decision is yours
Why we do not think for the consequences of our deeds socially, personally as always our role is a spectator apart from getting closer it seems we are going away day by day and one day we will be no more a nation ..
All agencies are successful in their agendas for Pakistan but do we have any agenda or policy or roadmap for us or our nation or next generation?

Can we be a nation?
Can we be saver of Islam?
Can we be hallmark for others as a professional and deep rooted nation ?

My answer is always yes ...because if i can think and express then their will be million of people with the passion for Pakistan and Islam.

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